12 thoughts on “Cats vs. prayer

  1. Except my cat not only exists, he cares for me on a personal level. Someone has to fill his bowl and scratch his cheeks.

  2. When I talk to my cats, I get purrs and cuddles.

    When I talk to a deity, I get jack.

    My cat’s got deities beat a mile.

    1. “Purrs and Cuddles” = now there’s a chapter title of class.

      Likely would make for even a mighty fine (Felidae) film’s marquee – bouquet !


    1. “Is the Bear Catholic? Does a pope shit in the woods?”

      — Freewheelin’ Franklin, of the Furry Freak Brothers

  3. My cat, Gunner, who sleeps in the crook of my arm every night, calls me an asshole whenever I enter and exit the pantry without spreading a little cat snack cheer onto the adjoining cabinet. It’s more the tone he uses that leads me to believe he’s using the big A expletive, but his diction isn’t too bad for someone with fangs.

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