37 thoughts on “Kangaroolet with bandages and skivvies

  1. It’s moments like this that make me hope, despite our propensity for murder and mayhem, that there is some hope for the human species.

    What an amazing mixture of the sublime and the ridiculous.

    1. Kangaroos are deadly hunters!
      Have you ever heard of someone ambushed by one that lived to tell the tale?

      Besides, Hypsiprymnodontidae (living and extinct) do this sort of thing more regularly than Macropus.

  2. Yeah right, we all fall for it. Turn it onto the other side and there will be a button-in- ear.

  3. As someone who shares 250 acres of forest (“bush” in Australian language) with kangaroos and wallabies, I can confirm that they certainly do not hunt. Kangaroos normally eat exclusively grasses. Wallabies eat most anything including the garden if given the chance.

    Our next door neighbors care for baby kangaroos, wallabies and wombats (joeys) orphaned when their mothers are killed in a car collision.

    They are VERY cute, live in an artificial pouch made of blanket material, and require feedings of special formula multiple times a day. The little joeys get their backsides wiped by the carers after a feed just like their mother would do by licking them when they are living naturally.

    The neighbors have raised probably >50 animals over the last 10 years, all which have been released back into the wild. They all have names and are recognized on sight by the neighbors when they come back for a small free feed of alpaca pellets.

      1. Had me going, too. Alpaca pellets? No, must be an autocorrect error or something. Probably meant alfalfa pellets. Oh right, someone has pellet feed for alpacas, not made of alpacas.

          1. Yes – Alpaca pellets are used to provide supplemental feed for kangaroos and wallabies.

            Alpaca pellets are a commercial supplemental feed for Alpacas which are raised in Australia for their wool.

  4. I don’t know my Disneyified characters all that well, but I think I see a number of Pooh characters on those shorts, but no Roo. If so, it would indicate an insufficiently-developed sense of ironing on the part of the staff….


    1. Did you perhaps mean “irony”. 🙂

      Autocomplete does really strange things to my posts at times.

      On the other hand, anyone who saw my closet would immediately recognize that I too have an insufficiently-developed sense of ironing.

    2. an insufficiently-developed sense of ironing on the part of the staff….

      Oh, I don’t know, I think that your spelling checker’s staff have been doing a fine job on the “weird auto-correction” front.
      The person who thought of putting “Pooh Poo pants” on a Roo wasn’t lacking in an irony sense either. Or poetics (“Poo-etics”?) either.

  5. I suspect that this little fellow’s name isn’t Joey – joey is the term used for any baby kangaroo. So this is going to be merely a joey, along with all his friends from school, so to speak.

    Definitely not a kangaroolet, although to be fair, that is a delightful coinage. 🙂

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