Pika-boo: here’s the lagomorph

August 25, 2014 • 1:08 pm

Earlier today I posted reader Jeremy’s photo of a pika, both in close-up and then in the distance in its rocky environs.  I looked at it for the longest time, even in the enlarged photo like the first one below, and couldn’t find the damn thing. Then I finally spotted it; it’s almost as hard as a nightjar.

I’ll put the original photo up first (click to enlarge it even more if you still want to look for the pika), and then a photo with the pika circled, sent by Jeremy (he called it “pika-boo”!).  Hint: if you look at the original, the beast is just to the right of center:






The reveal:

Pika boo (1)

And an enlarged view:

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 10.38.34 AM


7 thoughts on “Pika-boo: here’s the lagomorph

  1. I found it without resort to the red circle but probably would not have done so with out your “just to the right of centre” hint.
    I wonder how many other pikas might be lurking in the picture!

    1. Apologies for my insufferable pedantry…but as Professor Coyne noted, pikas are actually lagomorphs (along with rabbits and hares), not rodents.

      1. Really? I thought lagomorphs were a subset of rodents? You mean rabbits aren’t rodents? Sigh, I am getting all the things wrong these days.

  2. I did find that one but I thought there was a second. If you start at the bottom right and go three stones across and then about a third of the way up there’s a small cave. It looks like there’s a pika in there too. I suppose it could be a rock but it seems like the right shape and it definitely seems to have an ear.

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