Saturday: Hili dialogue

August 23, 2014 • 2:25 am

The editor is dispirited by the sad state of humanity.

Hili: Sometimes I fall into a reverie.
A: What about?
Hili: How did a human get the idea that he was the most intelligent of all creatures?

In Polish:
Hili: Czasem wpadam w zadumę.
Ja: Nad czym?
Hili: Jak człowiek wpadł na ten pomysł, że jest najbardziej inteligentny ze wszystkich stworzeń?


5 thoughts on “Saturday: Hili dialogue

  1. But, Hili, we ARE intelligent! We love cats and are their willing slaves. Surely that’s a sign of great brain power?

  2. I was comparing the two versions of Hili’s conversation when I noticed the word ‘creature’.

    Why am I surprised that Creationism is literally imbedded in the language? Take that, Atheists!

  3. @ JohannieCanuck – One of my stories for kids started with a description of sun rise over Torun (a birth place of Nicolaus Copernicus). In the next paragraph I was showing a reasoning of a four year old boy, explaining to me that “sun rise” is just a stupid expression. Modern preschool kids could successfully defend Galileo. We need more children stories to make those kids aware that language contains lots of old superstitions.

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