Readers’ wildlife photographs

August 16, 2014 • 4:05 am

Well, I still have a bit of a backlog, but hey, it’s summer and the critters are all out and the plants are blooming. Send photos–but remember, good ones!

First, two ‘hoppers from reader Mike McDowell (his website is here):

Acanalonia Planthopper – uncertain of species:



Treehopper, Archasia belfragei:


Two mammals from Steve Pinker’s trip to Tasmania:

Forester kangaroo, Macropus giganteus [Reader Diana McPherson will comment on the animal’s expression and thoughts]:

portrait of a forester kangaroo-XL

A snuffling short-beaked echidnaTachyglossus aculeatus  

snuffling echidna-L

From reader Jim Sulzer, two horseshoe crabs (Limulus polyphemus) in flagrante delicto, found on the Maine coast:

Jim Sulzer

And, finally, I’m posting this just as a favor for Stephen Barnard, who has given us so many lovely photos from Idaho. He sent me this today with the title, “My d*g catching a Frisbee”, and with the caption, “Good technically. You may not like the subject.”

Dog: Canis lupus familiaris:


Well, it is good, technically. . .



20 thoughts on “Readers’ wildlife photographs

  1. Technically, it’s fantastic! What a great shot of a great subject! The non-d*g photos are really good too.

    1. Same breed as our Original Dog, Max. We used to have to spell a lot of words around her b/c she was just too dang smart.

  2. Oh, noes! Another crab photo! At least these crabs are visible. That kangaroo looks disgruntled. Is it possible to look gruntled?

    1. The way he is pursing his lips, it’s as if he is looking at some other kangaroo, who has just executed a trick way better than he ever could.

  3. I love the backward hind legs of the first plant hopper & the way he appears to be leaning forward as far as he can.

    Echidna are the cutest with their long snouts. It’s a shame they have spikes so you can’t really cuddle them.

    Horseshore crabs fascinate me because they are so old and they “milk” their blue blood to use for treating illness.

    Lovely dog photos! Excellent timing!

      1. Those are great! I went through about a dozen this summer with our Current Dog, who is very rough on frisbees.

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