Two cats for Sunday

August 10, 2014 • 2:12 pm

(That would be a good name for a rock group, wouldn’t it?) I have two errant cat items, and might as well post them now.

The first is a picture of Butter, the awesome rescue cat of reader Steven Muth (he’s a flame-point Siamese who was rescued form a Colorado highway). I have a new picture of Butter grinning. This is what you call a “furball”. Butter also has his own Blackberry, which he occasionally uses to post here.


And you Brits can rest easy. According to the BBC, Chancellor George Osborne’s cat, who resides at 11 Downing Street, is all right after a traffic accident:

Chancellor George Osborne’s family cat, Freya, is being treated by vets after being “clipped” by a car near Downing Street.

The tabby’s injuries are not serious, a spokesman said.

Freya has lived at No 11 Downing Street – the Chancellor’s official residence – since 2010.

Her previous misadventures include being rescued by a charity worker after straying more than a mile from her Westminster home.

The cat, believed to be about five years old, is also reported to have gone missing from the family’s home in Notting Hill in 2009.



h/t: Aaron

15 thoughts on “Two cats for Sunday

  1. Says a lot about the state of British politics when the chancellors cat has to run away from home and when twice dragged back, kicking and screaming, it has to throw itself under a passing car.

  2. Butter is a gorgeous looking cat, no wonder he looks smug. Freya is certainly an adventurous cat, but she still has 6 lives left.

  3. “Butter also has his own Blackberry, which he occasionally uses to post here.”

    Someone needs to advise Butter of his rights before he winds up as collateral damage in the Primate Copyright War of 2014.

  4. Damn…I can never spot the critters on this site. A rocky plain is supposed to be littered with nightjars, a bird dropping is supposed to be a butterfly, there’s supposed to be a cat sleeping on a fluffy pillow….


  5. I always thought Freya was as type of cat.
    As least the lyrics of a very good Jethro Tull song would suggest so:


    “Hunt By Numbers”

    Hey little buddies…
    soft and silky night walkers.
    Dangerous species –
    Tiptoe menace long grass stalkers
    on my bed…
    no butter melting in your jaws.
    Bonding monster –
    Lethal weapon wearing claws.

    Let’s go out to hunt by numbers.

    Tabby, spotted, black as coal –
    Serval, Margay, Caracal.
    Moggie in the moonlight listens…
    whiskered sensory miracle.
    Felis, befriend us –
    Egyptian Mau – Freya‘s familiar.
    Long in the future –
    Cloned disciples, the castle guard.

    Now, let’s go out and hunt by numbers.


    But, when I googled “Freya” on ‘images’, all I got was pictures of bras and scantilly clad women. How disappointing!


    Apparently, Freya is a Norse goddess of love and it’s also a make of bra. Who knew?

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