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August 10, 2014 • 6:41 am

When I presented some “scientist logos” the other day, I didn’t know where they came from. Eventually it was revealed that the first six of them were by Indian graphic deisnger Kapil Bhagat and, as I’ve just learned, the rest came from Prateek Lala, a physician in Toronto. He also told me that you can see all of his own 175 Scientist Logos at the Facebook site “LalaLand Graphics:.  Here are a few of my favorites:


One of my scientific heroes (I’ve posted about her several times):




There’s a cute story about this next one, but I’ll let a reader relate it in the comments:


Finally, for some self-aggrandizement, reader Pliny the in Between made a nice logo for Professor Ceiling Cat:


And this just arrived from reader Su:


12 thoughts on “Moar logos

  1. 1729 is the Hardy-Ramanujan number – the smallest number that is the result of the sum of two different pairs of positive cubes, and it all started from riding in a taxi with that number. You can read the rest on 1729’s Wikipedia page. Who knew?

    1. Ahh, send them to me and I’ll be sure to get you your own Jerry coin 🙂 The back is even better…

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