Monday: Hili dialogue

July 20, 2014 • 11:03 pm

Haggard after a long trip (which is why I look so dreadful), I greet the Furry Navel of the World. And, yes, I brought her presents. . .

Jerry: I’ve been missing you.
Hili: Me too, I hope you have some presents for me.

10470811_10203857110055486_772799471146090773_nIn Polish:

Jerry: Tęskniłem za tobą.
Hili: Ja też, mam nadzieję, że masz jakieś prezenty dla mnie.


7 thoughts on “Monday: Hili dialogue

    1. O, I so, so concur.

      And the unveiling with your modeling thereof – to Ms Hili and to her staff of Ms Malgorzata and Mr Andrzej – of Ms Kubota’s shirt’s smashingly captured likeness of .The Polish Princess. – will be when ?


      1. A cat is at its cutest when just its ears are showing. That, and when it’s rolled on its back asking for a bellyrub. Wait — I’ll come in again….


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