Today’s footie (felid picks Germany to win)

July 13, 2014 • 4:25 am

This is the Big Day: the day that Argentina plays Germany for the World Cup. The time of broadcast appears to have changed: it’s the normal afternoon time—2 p.m. Chicago time—and the game will be broadcast in the US on ABC. (I’m not sure if 2 pm is game time or simply the start of the broadcast.)

My heart is with Argentina, but my head tells me that Germany is going to take this one (and with that I’ll lose a wager and give up a book). Today’s New York Times has a long article on Messi, “Adept. Yes. Adored? Not yet.“, comparing him to Maradona and explaining why Messi isn’t as beloved in his home country as was Maradona. But that will change, it says, if Argentina wins today.

But the winner of our contest from several weeks ago—the person who comes closest to the final score with the right teams—will get an awesome autographed copy of WEIT with a soccer-playing cat drawn in. I have the spreadsheet, but if you hit it on the nose do email me with your mailing address.

And you can guess today’s outcome and score if you wish, though the deadline for the contest is long gone.

Screen shot 2014-07-13 at 5.48.35 AM

And, if you’re into these psychic animals, here’s one that’s at least a felid (thanks to reader Dennis for the link). Izzie the Ocelot has picked Germany to win the World Cup:

And yesterday’s result is below. I found the game boring, the play dirty, the refs incompetent, and Robben diving often enough that he should be doing that for the Dutch diving team in the Olympics. Brazil once again showed nothing.

Screen shot 2014-07-13 at 5.51.12 AM

Here are yesterday’s highlights, such as they were; click on the screenshot for the video. I’ve shown the second goal, by Daley Blind, which was lovely: one touch to stop the ball, another to settle it, and then a kick into the goal with his weaker foot. It’s his first goal in international competition:

Screen shot 2014-07-13 at 5.56.56 AM
The animated Google Doodle (click on the screenshot), shows not only all the flags waving in the audience, but, if you click on the big screen, each of the 32 teams will appear in sequence (one per click):

Screen shot 2014-07-13 at 5.45.07 AM

And, finally, the faithful can’t leave the World Cup alone, of course, or resist using it to proselytize. I have friends visiting Australia, and they emailed me this photo with a short note:

I attach this photo–found outside the Central Baptist Church near our hotel in Sydney. We think it could be the cover for your book.




27 thoughts on “Today’s footie (felid picks Germany to win)

  1. Yes, the diving in the Netherlands-Brazil game was ludicrous, as was the officiating. I think especially from one of the refs.

    Germany 4, Argentina 0.

  2. Almost fifty fifty but I would give Argentina the edge. Argentinians are more solid in defense than Brazil and the constant pressure of having to defend Messi can overload the German discipline.

    1. I had forgotten that hilarious nihilist scene. I do remember the rug “bringing the room together” and Jesus the bowler…

      I like both teams, but Argentina has the edge in my ” heart”

    1. It would be fun to see them have a wrestling match over this or curse each other out in Latin. That would be less boring that the repetitive blessings and prayers. I bet the old Medici popes would get more into this.

      1. Wouldn’t it be entertaining if the two popes battled with each other like Gandalf and Saruman in the first Lord of the Rings movie? That I’d pay to see!

  3. I played the game on FIFA13 this morning, and it’s totally accurate predictive powers give Argentina a 4-2 win in overtime, with the score being 1-1 after 90 minutes. Messi to score one of his trademark goals to seal it.

    Of course, that was playing Argentina with Di Maria. If he’s out, they’ve got no hope.

      1. His leg was injured during the quarter-finals. He had to sit out the semi-final. I do not know if he will play today.

  4. Germany has the best overall team, Argentina the best player. My heart is with Argentina but my head thinks Germany. Is Di Maria playing and if so would he be healthy, that would help their chances if so. I see it 2-0 or 2-1 Germany, but hope I’m wrong.

  5. I’m in St. Louis (thus the same time zone as Jerry), and since the final round of the group games, all of the games have started at 3 pm not 2 pm. This game is the aberration.

    Jerry I’m not certain why you keep saying that all of the previous games also started at 2 pm. ESPN coverage started at 2:30pm for each of the afternoon games but the games didn’t officially start until 3 (actually a few minutes later).

  6. Always now once again Germany to come out with best football tonight. we await for the win.

  7. I’m hoping next time round Netherlands is more competent, Robben and Van Persie will probably be retired by then. The defense is young and did well this year (and weren’t as dirty as 2010), so hopefully the same is true of the incoming offense.

  8. For my money Arjen Robben betrays his undoubted talent with this cynical behaviour. He’s by no means the only one but he’s the most consistent cheat. If I were a referee I’d get myself into trouble because I’d NEVER give him the benefit of the doubt.

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