Caturday felid trifecta: pleasing cat meows, cats’ heads on their owners’ bodies, and Gus the earless cat

July 12, 2014 • 12:40 pm

Oh dear—I almost forgot the Caturday Felid, which I haven’t missed in years. It was ready to go this morning, too, and then I forgot to post it before I did my shopping for Poland (Hili needs some gifts!). Oh well, better late than never. At any rate, we have another trifecta this week.

First, here are two YouTube compilations of the curtest cat meows:

I find cat voices particularly pleasing—except when two males are screaming at each other in a fight, or when a male is mating with a female, and she’s howling in pain (cat penises are barbed, so I imagine copulation is painful).

Here’s a second one:


From this week’s Torygraph comes a series of freaky pictures; there are about a dozen, and I’ve chosen three:

Photographer Sebastian Magnani has cleverly spliced the furry features of cats with the head and shoulders of their owners. In a series called ‘Undercats’, the Swiss photographer shot the owners and their respective pets in the same portrait style; he then digitally transplanted the feline faces onto the human bodies.

Actually, I wouldn’t mind being morphed with Hili or Jerry Coyne the Cat!

Antonio spliced with cat Chino Picture: Sebastian Magnani/Rex Features
Joana spliced with cat Hector Picture: Sebastian Magnani/Rex Features
Natalie spliced with cat Pepi Picture: Sebastian Magnani/Rex Features

Don’t tell me that you wouldn’t like to see this done with you and your cat, too. I would, for example, like to see Baihu on Ben Goren’s body, or Butter on Stephen Muth’s body. In fact, I bet both of these readers have the skills to do that. . .


Finally, pictures of a reader’s cat. Carol (aka Taskin) acquired Gus in December of last year, and I posted about how he lost most of his ears though frostbite while being confined in a trap in winter. Carol adopted him, and now he’s developed into a sweet and lovely cat. He reminds me of my old white cat Teddy, and Carol sent me two photos and a note:

I attach couple of photos of Gus from this morning, although he does this every day.  He is sitting on the highest spot in the garden, he closes his eyes and smells the air.  It’s rather pretty to watch him do it.  Then he opens his eyes and inspects his territory for intruders.(2nd photo)


Gus has to stay on a harness because the place where he lives requires outdoor cats to be on a leash or harness at all times.  But I’m told that he doesn’t seem to mind.


Carol just sent this, saying it “may well be the pièce de résistance of Gus photos”.


“Gus” is a great name for a cat. More cats should be given human names, like “Sam,” “Fred,” “Jim”—or “Jerry Coyne.”

h/t: Su, Taskin, and Matthew Cobb

27 thoughts on “Caturday felid trifecta: pleasing cat meows, cats’ heads on their owners’ bodies, and Gus the earless cat

  1. Animals morphed with humans freaks me out. Also things with faces on them like Thomas the Tank Engine. It reminds me of a horror movie and I have no idea how kids cannot be freaked out by Thomas, especially when he smiles and moves his eyes (btw I also feel this way about my current PM who has a creepy smile).

    The last picture if Gus is really cute. Gus is a good name for a cat. I once had a cat named Fred that I named myself when I was 4.

          1. Yeah- the kitten doesn’t look too pleased. Feline Jerry Coyne would never be Stephen Harper’s lap kitty.

  2. The last picture of Gus is outstanding! Not only is he gorgeous but that leaf pointing down his nose is a perfect design. The cat-talk vids are funny. Love the little spit noises. The stray calico I’m sheltering greets me (or maybe it’s the food dish in my hand) with a trilling murrrr sound.

  3. That last photo of Gus is great. I don’t care for the spliced photos except Joana and Hector. Our cat Boots is also quite vocal when he wants attention, it’s rather endearing.

  4. More cats should be given human names, like “Sam,” “Fred,” “Jim”—or “Jerry Coyne.”

    Alternatively, more humans should be given cat names. You’re not going to be getting ideas above your station if you’re called “Walnut”, “Marmalade” or “Splodge”.

      1. I used to have a cat named Fred, too. Really one in a million, one of the sweetest beings I’ve ever known. I’m so glad Gus found a good home!

  5. While playing the cat videos, my dog came right over to investigate. He was staring at the screen & cocking his head from side to side.

  6. Kittens make the best noises, great videos!

    Initially, I was thinking of the name Mingus (after jazz great Charlie Mingus) but it just didn’t suit my little earless cat. So he became Gus, which is a perfect fit. I still think Mingus is a great cat name, maybe for a tabby or a calico.

    Charlie Mingus actually wrote a manual on how to toilet train a cat.
    I have not tried this.

    I’m also wondering if Gus and I sat for one of those portraits, would it have ears?


  7. My cat has a human name. She was Maddie when I got her at the shelter, and Maddie she remained because I liked it.

    I don’t know what her former family called her. But Maddie has suited her fine and, barring extreme tragedy, Maddie she will be until the end of her days.

    1. Mine came from the shelter as “Monkfish.” But when you’re fat and have a giant head you end up named Orson.

      1. Orson is a fantastic name! Wasn’t he Mork’s boss on Ork? Do tell me that that’s who he’s named for!

  8. Hey, what is the latest update on “Jerry Coyne” the cat? I hope I haven’t missed a report…

  9. We had a feral cat move in on us shortly after you visited (about 7 years ago!). We named him Jerry after you. We moved him out to the horse barn where Bethany took you horseback-riding. They had a neighbor called Jerry so changed his name to Taco. That cat weaseled himself into the house and lived a grand life. We also have a cat named Janet, so we are pretty good at using human names for cats.

    1. I had a Rubina cat and a Gwendolyn cat when I was a teenager, and Grocho lived with me when I moved to Las Cruces. Fenek is about the only non-human name I have given a cat (note: he is named after the species of fox, not the breed of d*g). I would say I have done pretty well in naming my cats people names!

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