8 thoughts on “Half-time cat

  1. We don’t have cable. I’ve been able to watch all of the matches online — free and legally — on ESPN3 (USA). Giant computer screen in the lab = perfect.

  2. As I said in another thread… Germany have decades of experience at going far in tournaments, even if the teams they face are better. France weren’t, actually. They chased all game, and got nowhere close…

    1. Have you ever seen a German national side with even a slightly doubtful keeper? Maier, Schumacher, Illgner, Köpke, Kahn, Lehmann, Neuer… a few ganes to find out whichever of the new crop is best (not: the least inadequate – there have always been a couple of good ones waiting on the bench)

  3. The Germans were lucky. The French were fitter. They played their previous match with a B-Team while Germany had to play 120 minutes.

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