Ceci n’est pas une bouteille

June 30, 2014 • 11:19 am

We need a break, so here:Screen shot 2014-06-30 at 1.12.20 PM

Nope, it’s just a drawing of a bottle of vodka, but an amazingly realistic one by Italian artist Marcello Barenghi, whose webpage is here and whose YouTube channel, with similar hyperrealistic drawings, is here.

You can see how this was created in the following speeded-up video:

The video has already gotten more than 1,400,000 views in a week.

16 thoughts on “Ceci n’est pas une bouteille

  1. Amazing. Imagine we found out the hand that was drawing the bottle was also not real….but the pens were?


  2. Oddka is a real product, to my surprise.

    Not only do they have the ‘Fresh Cut Grass’ flavour shown here, but also ‘Electricity’, ‘Apple Pie’, ‘Wasabi’ and more.

    No, thanks just the same. The art is interesting, though.

    1. Yeah. Flavored vodka is kinda missing the point, IMHO.
      Reminds me of a Lives of the Cowboys on A Prairie Home Companion where one of the cowboys orders a coffee and the waitress asks, “What flavor?”, and he says, “I’d like it coffee-flavored!”

      1. But it’s NOT Vodka it’s Oddka! Ka is spirit, or something to do with ancient Egyptian religion, or individuality (As in Dennis Wheatley’s book ‘The Ka of Gifford Hilary).


      1. I can’t say from actual experience, but I thought vodka was supposed to be something of an acquired taste to begin with.

  3. Yet another illustration (pun sheepishly intentional) that David Hockney’s theory that the camera lucida powered the painting of the Renaissance is completely unnecessary.

    1. Such as the system proposed in the recent documentary ‘Tim’s Vermeer,? It was a very interesting idea. I am not sure either way. How do the modern hyper-realist artists do their work? I honestly do not know, but perhaps they are working from a photograph, and/or with some sort of camera lucida system as well.

  4. Bit of a spoilsport but while I do admire the craftsmanship of hyper-realism I don’t find it interesting as art when it simply duplicates reality without any injection of artistic opinion.

    I want to see the bottle as someone else sees it. I can already see it as it appears to my own eyes.

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