We have a winner!

June 25, 2014 • 5:26 pm

Well, nobody guessed all the winners and the scores of today’s matches, but we have someone—reader Susan—who got all the winners right, and also guessed that Ecuador would tie France. That was unexpected, with most guessing a victory for France. Those few who did guess a tie foundered on the Switzerland/Honduras match, with everyone thinking that the Swiss would be defeated. Only Susan got the tie and the 3 victors right. She, then, wins a Jerry Coyne the Cat keychain.

Here are today’s results, with Susan’s guesses below.

Screen shot 2014-06-25 at 7.20.29 PM

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Nigeria 0 – 2 Argentina
Bosnia 1 – 0 Iran
Honduras 0 – 2 Switz
Ecuador 1 – 1 France

So, Susan, contact me by email with your mailing address, and your prize will be on its way. And you might, in the comments below, tell us how you were so prescient, particularly with the Switzerland/Honduras match. Do you perchance have a psychic octopus at your disposal?

9 thoughts on “We have a winner!

    1. She’s the Doctor’s granddaughter, and was left behind in London some time after 2164, so could have looked up old World Cup scores before coming back to this century. Anything done by time travel is well done, I say!

  1. Yours, Susan, was g.o.o.o.o.d. ! Mighty smashingly done !

    And entered, were you not, as this specific contest’s last one ? ! Wholly impressive — that !

    Totally and so, so luckily deserving you are !

  2. Well, there are several possibilities. I would love a psychic octopus. I imagine such a creature would come in handy, and it would provide company for my invisible pink umicorn. It could also be the personal intervention of his noodlyness, the FSM, may parm be upon him.

    I could try to claim intelligence, but since I know close to zip about soccer that hypothesis might be hard to support. However, thanks to Prof Ceiling Cat I am now hooked and have watched about one game a day. Until a few werks ago, I lived under the misguided notion that the only soccer that mattered is played by small humans who expect juice and cookies after every game.

    My method, such as it is, is to figure out which teams have the best odds and/or most votes by other wise readers, then adjust as much as necessary so that I don’t match anyone else. Seven other readers picked Arg – Bos – Sw – Fr to win. I believed Argentina was the most likely winner and Honduras was likely to lose. I personally didn’t want to be in a position of rooting for Iran. So the only thing left was to pick a different outcome for the Fr – Ec game.

    The other possibility, of course, is plain old dumb luck.

    I am honored to have won this prize and will.cherish it.


    1. I definitely wanted Iran to win! They deserved at least a point from their Argentina game, but as the cliche has it, at the end of the day its balls in the back of the net…

      Congratulations – now you can unlock doors secure in the knowledge that your fame is immemorial!

      1. I wanted them to win because dealing with the government in Iran isn’t exactly a good time.

  3. Messi’s free-kick goal — brilliant. He made the goalkeeper look like a clumsy fool, which he most definitely is not.

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