33 thoughts on “Cat-related prank played on coworker

  1. Wow that must have taken a lot of preparation quite apart from the time to stick on all those cats. I do hope the co-worker appreciated it!

  2. Ha ha also look at the phone buttons. It would be funny if they renamed or added cat themed speed dials too.

    1. I’ve been told one can update the auto correct feature of MSWord such that a word such as “the” is replaced with a phase, such as “Cats Rule!” or even “Professor Ceiling Cat Rules!”. Of course, I would never do such an evil thing. Noooo. Never. (Or at least, not very often….)

    1. It isn’t too bad if several people help out when they have a free minute. We once filled someone’s office with balloons & we did it over a couple of days with people helping out (blow up a balloon, toss it in) whenever they had time.

      1. 1. Spray poster spray all over the place; 2. throw cat picture clippings around and see what sticks. 5 minutes including drinking your beer.

    1. And a new internet meme is born.

      I’m curious, How did you know that they were the kind of people that ork cows.

      All hale Tpyos.

      1. Oh, didn’t you know that Ben is a professional cow orker? His cow orker skills are mad cow orker skills.

  3. Reminds me of when all of the background screens to a computer lab in college (about 40 terminals) all had a very lurid background screen that managed to evade removal for over a day. It was funny but admittedly uncomfortable to work on them knowing what was right behind the browser.

  4. My question is, does this person even like cats, or does he or she, perhaps….nope can’t even go there . . .

  5. It is possible that the cube-dweller had done a lot of that decoration him- or herself and the cow-orkers (love that term!) just filled in any remaining blank spaces. Cats of the Gaps, as it were.

  6. That phone is identical to the one with my name on it sitting on a desk 5000 km away in Perth that I never go to (ok, once or twice).
    On another note, no cows walked past my office window today so they must have all orked off.

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