Do not enter World Cup contest!

June 19, 2014 • 5:32 am

The contest deadline for guessing the participants in (and score of) the final World Cup match ended on Monday at 5 pm, yet I continue to receive entries. These bespeak an ignorance of the Roolz and are are also unfair, since we now have new information about the finals (e.g., Spain won’t be in them). Please DO not send any more entries.


9 thoughts on “Do not enter World Cup contest!

  1. I’ll be happy when the sports stuff is done and we’re back to discussing evolution and/or atheism

    1. The Roolz prohibit commenters from telling me what or what not to write about. Why on earth are we supposed to care about which posts you like or don’t like. I happen to like football and therefore post about it.

      I suggest, nay, insist, that you frequent some other website that posts stuff more to your liking. Bye!

      1. But Professor CC – if only you could had shown the ability to write intelligently on a broad range of subjects which engaged a significant number of people in lively discussions.

        Insert Emily Litella “never mind” sound effect here.

    2. Erm…did you not notice that the top story right this moment is exactly on both evolution and atheism? Did you not see all the other stories on both topics Jerry’s posted this week?

      And have you not read Da Roolz?


  2. Not entering the contest is exactly like not believing in gods. I’ve been not entering the contest all week long. I didn’t enter twice as hard today.

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