Wednesday: Hili dialogue

June 18, 2014 • 2:54 am

Meanwhile, back in Dobryzyn, Hili and the d*g are still kept apart. . .

Cyrus: You see? I do not bite…
Hili: But you are still bouncing around too much.


in Polish:
Cyrus: No widzisz, że ja nie gryzę…
Hili: Ale jeszcze za bardzo skaczesz.

8 thoughts on “Wednesday: Hili dialogue

  1. It actually seems like the physical distance between the two is diminishing over time in these photos. I still think they’re on trajectory to become nap buddies probably not in 2014 but very likely in 2015.


  2. Please, it’s spelled “Dobrzyn”.
    Polish spelling is hard, after 40 years I still got problems, but at least copy/paste it properly.

  3. This looks like progress. 🙂

    I’d be interested in hearing how Cyrus is adjusting to his new home after–what was it, four years?–of life in the animal shelter.

  4. Cyrus is a sweet, loving an lovable dog. He loves children and is gentle with everybody – except cats. He is still unsure and hates to be alone. He doesn’t even go out into the garden alone but does it with pleasure if one of us is with him. But he doesn’t leave our side even on a walk – unless there is a cat (or a hare) in sight. Except for this clinginess you wouldn’t suspect that he was incarcerated for four long years.

    1. Such a heart-warming story! How wonderful of you to have rescued him.

      We domesticated both d*gs & cats so that they rely on us, then we let so many of them down; it’s heartening to know that Cyrus’s potential is being realized and his patience rewarded.

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