Friday: Hili dialogue

June 13, 2014 • 2:45 am

Another week gone already! Which seat can we take? And, in Dobrzyn, Cyrus and Hili are warily forging a two-state solution:

Hili: We still have some outstanding issues to discuss but there is a chance for peace.
Cyrus: But may I lick your fur now?


in Polish:
Hili: Mamy jeszcze kilka spraw do omówienia, ale jest nadzieja na pokój.
Cyrus: A mógłbym cię już teraz polizać?

7 thoughts on “Friday: Hili dialogue

  1. Cyrus appears to be straining against the collar. I’ve known dogs that interested in cats and mean them no harm but it could be the opposite! Tough to judge, better be safe.

    1. I don’t think Hili has anything to fear from Cyrus other than slobber. There’s been more than ample opportunity for mayhem had Cyrus so desired.

      It might be time to start taking bets on when the Hili Dialogue will feature a photo of the two napping on each other…I’m guessing not in 2014 by before the end of 2015….


  2. Cyrus’s ears look friendly to me…My current dog/cat duo are not as snuggly as previous pairs have been, but they will sleep near each other on my bed, and elsewhere.

  3. Can’t see Cyrus’s face, but I’m not too sure of those teeth I spy in what could be a grimace.

    It might help to remind Cyrus everyday that Hili is special and has a special place in the household.

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