Sunday: Hili dialogue

June 8, 2014 • 3:29 am

Like many cats, Hili likes to sleep on the freshly cleaned and folded laundry.

Hili: These jumpers made out of pure wool are much more friendly to cats.
A: And how will I look in this?
Hili: Like a man who has a cat.

In Polish:
Hili: Te swetry z czystej wełny są znacznie bardziej przyjazne dla kotów.
Ja: Ale jak ja potem będę w tym wyglądał?
Hili: Jak człowiek, który ma kota.

13 thoughts on “Sunday: Hili dialogue

    1. Sorry! It took y posting the last message to put Hiii’s photo up on my screen. I assume everyone else got it…?

      1. My car interior is black. Now I have a yellow dog. My car interior is now yellow (but I put lots of blankets down to capture it). Even my roadster, which has no dog in it, ends up with fur in there!

      2. That reminds me of an old Garfield cartoon.
        Jon searching frantically the food on his dish. And Garfield thinking “Oops, I forgot to add the cat hair.”

        Last week I found a whisker of my late cat from 10 years ago!

      3. To quote one of my fridge magnets, “Home: where the cat hair sticks to everything but the cat.”

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