Saturday: Hili dialogue

June 7, 2014 • 3:14 am
Nobody understands this dialogue save Andrzej, who wrote it, and he’s not telling. Guess the meaning below if you wish!
Hili: What is it rustling in the lilies of the valley?
A: I don’t know, your hearing is better than mine. I can only hear the nightingale singing in the walnut tree.
Hili: So, I better climb up in the apple tree.
In Polish:
Hili: Co tam szeleści w konwaliach?
Ja: Nie wiem, ty masz lepszy słuch, ja słyszę tylko słowika na orzechu.
Hili: No to włażę na tę jabłonkę.

5 thoughts on “Saturday: Hili dialogue

  1. Hili is looking at a mostly non-flowering patch of lilies of the valley (muguets) very intently because she hears a rustling. A. could make a guess that’s the wind making the alluring sound, but instead he gets a cat to defer to him because let’s face it a bird has to be a much better prey than whatever is causing the lilies to rustle. So: Human 1, Feline 0 🙂

  2. Since neither Andrzej nor Hili know exactly what is causing the rustling in the lilies of the valley, the better part of valor is for Hili to climb the tree until the cause is known. After all, it could be that d-g hiding himself in preparation for a pounce.

  3. F. catus is solidly in the middle of the food chain. The prudent cat — and Hili most assuredly is prudent — takes no chances when it comes to being a victim of predation, just as she’ll not pass up an opportunity to be the predator herself.

    It’s actually not all that different from our human ancestors. Those who were slightly more paranoid about the rustling in the leaves were more likely to avoid being preyed upon by Hili’s ancestors…which is how we wound up with hyperactive senses of agency, Aristotle, and religion in general.


  4. She started to climb up the apple tree, she stopped, looked intently at the lilies of the valley, and then continued to climb up. I was listening to the nightingale. What else could she say?

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