8 thoughts on “Six blades, five of of them sharp

  1. Swiss Army Cat, now with cat food can opener. (“Open the can, or I open you!”)

    But, “only” five sharp blades? I don’t think a cat can have a dull edge.

  2. As a creaky, achy 60-year-old, I would love to spend a day as a cat. It must be marvelous to have that kind of flexibility and comfort with your body.

  3. COMPLETELY OFF TOPIC, but Professor Ceiling Cat asked me elsewhere to say what I thought of Peter Hoffman’s ‘Life’s Ratchet: How Molecular Machines Extract Order from Chaos’. I am not a scientist, but I found it excellent: stimulating, informative and clear, and vedry much superior to Addy Pross’s ‘What is Life?’ which really did not keep its promise. Hoffman does a very good job of explaining how tiny molecular machines use chaos to create order. I would also say that his book complicates claims about determinism and about human beings and other animals being ‘meat computers’…

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