31 thoughts on “Do as I say, not as I do

  1. Deepak, the legend in his own mind, the demigod has spoken.

    The rest of us just laugh at him in ridicule.

  2. It’s easy to imagine the jewel’s in Packet’s glasses glinting in the mirror reflection as he silently repeats the sentence over and over. Or if the mirror image is replaced with a Koch brother, or Sheldon Adelman, or Antonin Scalia, or David Green, or Sean Hannity, or Glenn Beck, or that conceited dick who owns Papa John’s, or …

    1. Are you one of those persons who will dismiss a good comment merely because it’s uttered by someone whose political views you don’t like? The quote is apposite.

      And “Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. ” is incredibly patronizing, but perhaps you are one of those people who can’t see how you come across on the Internet.

  3. Then why his he so obsessed with the new atheists? Why he want’s Dawkins and others to read his articles?

    1. Not sure he really does. He’s probably just playing with the knowledge that looking like a martyr, a dismissed genius, a David going against the monolithic Science giant, all play well with certain constituencies.

      1. It’s just name-dropping. He would like to think he’s significant enough for some intellectual heavyweights to take notice of him. Or, he would like his followers to think that. If Albert Einstein was still alive we know who Deepy would be tweeting at…

  4. I wonder if anyone has tried retweeting Deepak’s fortune cookie phrases and adding ‘In bed.’ It adds a much needed level of humor to his wacky ramblings.

  5. I bet that’s a working title: “How to find the divine power within”. It’ll come with a home-use colonic irrigation kit for an extra $29.99 😀

    1. When I read ‘colonic irrigation kit’ I imagined beady Choprick eyes, banded by sequined frames and fixed in his lizard stare, on a shipping container sitting on a bathroom sink. I involuntarily squirmed in my chair for a moment.

  6. Really!? In a bughouse sometimes there are people who think in this way. Some of them think that they have divine or special powers and can fly, even though the doctors say they don’t… . Is is surprising that they are there?

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