Two cars

May 20, 2014 • 12:14 pm

These are the true heroes of atheism, although an even bigger hero would be someone sporting a cross on a car in Saudi Arabia. At any rate, this car will not survive intact for long!

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 9.57.37 AM Georgia car

And some humor, and perhaps it’s a PhotoShop job. You’ll recognize the cat, I hope:

Simon%27s cat on car (1)



h/t: Barry

36 thoughts on “Two cars

  1. I live in Canada and I’m afraid to put atheist messages on my car because I have paranoid fears of a believer mechanic hurting my car in revenge. That person is very brave!

    I love the cat because I often talk about the funny gesture of him pointing to his open mouth when he’s hungry.

    1. I too live in Canada two valleys and a 30 min. ferry-ride east of Kamloops where the INR conference was held last week-end. Had I not been laid low by a fractured pelvis which happened in February that is where I would have been. I have two evolve-fish on the trunk lid of my little red Chev convertible.I also have a bumper-sticker which reads,”Tt’s been almost 2000 years and he ain’t coming back – get over it for Christ’s sake!”. When we lived in Alberta my little red convertible suffered several indignities; we have lived in British Columbia for 14 years in this delighfully secular village of 1400 on the Arrow Lakes,
      which form part of the Columbia River, totally without incident.

    2. I have paranoid fears of a believer mechanic hurting my car in revenge

      And I would hope that the first such mechanic gets lots of publicity as you sue his employer (or himself if he’s a sole trader) as close to bankruptcy as you can. “Pour,” in Voltaire’s words, “encourager les autres.”
      Cars are just ironmongery. Crash a few, have one smashed up by people being ejected from someone-else’s New Year party, they remain ironmongery. Not worth getting particularly attached to. But yeah, it’s a hassle if someone wrecks the machine. So sue the scumbag, if the police don’t have grounds for charging him/her with “malicious damage” or your local equivalent.

  2. I keep meaning to buy some magnetic feet to stick on all those Jesus fish. I see a lot of them here in Louisiana…

    1. Have you asked the sellers of “DarwinFish” if they supply “Conversion Kits”? I suspect that they would find the idea … appealing.
      In fact … a second … until you put the idea into my head, there was about 2sq.ft of flexible magnetic plastic sheet stuck to the wall behind my #4 computer. It’s now considerably smaller, and I’ll be making my own “Conversion Kits.” Thank ‘ee for the idea.

  3. The license plate, bumper sticker, door message, and Darwin fish could readily comprise a Venn diagram. I don’t know where I get this idea, P-t-i-B.

  4. I thought about getting a Darwin fish, but I worry about pissing off the cop if I get pulled over for something. It could influence his decision about whether to issue a ticket or a warning. Of course, he wouldn’t say anything, but you never know. Have people with Darwin fish noticed an increase in tickets?

      1. Of course.

        I just listened to William Antholis give a talk (recorded in Minnesota, 23-Apr-2014) calling for more religion in public life (!!!).

        He admitted that it was hard to be an atheist in the US; but he didn’t let that daunt him. (Go pound sand, you stupid atheists!)

        And the reason you don;t hear about all those moderate religious people condemning the loonies? The media: They refuse to cover all those multitudes of tolerant religious people out there protesting against the loonies. He and Krista Tippett were up there patting each other on the back.

    1. No, no increase in ticketing from cops nor defacing by mechanics — but then I have one other sign in addition to the evolvefish magnet and the peace symbol magnet on the back end of my old, old, weally, weally ancient pickup that apparently pisses off the driving public = Sexism: The Original Sin.

      In order to prevent them from actually occurring over the years of that signage placed in its hatch / gate window, I cannot begin to count the number of possible accidents — for which I have had to pull the pickup over to the side of the street or road and actually stop.

      Drivers finding themselves behind me at a stop sign or at a red light ? When I eventually proceed through or the light becomes green ?
      These drivers cannot get themselves and their tonnage of vehicles around my Nissan fast enough, taking all of theirs into the oncoming lanes, hurling themselves and their passengers including wee ones into harm’s way so swiftly that gawdhisself, assisted too by jebus, would not be able to reach down outta their heabenly cloudliness with their hirsute – y grippers, fast enough, to save them all.

      It, the sign, shall not be removed. In the same vein of “We shall … … we shall not be moved.”


      ps the Passat ? With that one I drive everywhere — in town and out — … … anonymously.

      Because of exactly that: fear of its vehicular disfigurement / keying / worse.

      However, for presents ? I give others a lotta.lotta Darwin fishes’ and evolvefish magnets: I keep new packages of these both in both vehicles’ glove compartments — for just such spur – o’the – moment gifting occasions.

    2. I noticed an infinite increase in tickets for speeding, but no change in parking tickets after I decorated the back window of the car with a DarwinFish. In the 20 years before I put the DarwinFish there, I had one parking ticket and no speeding tickets. In the 5 years since I enDarwinated the car (well, the last 3 cars actually ; one was destroyed by party rejects, one I parked in a ditch, and one remains in use) I’ve had one parking ticket and one speeding ticket. The same DarwinFish has been on each car.

  5. I once had a Darwin Fish stolen and my taillights broken, presumably by a concientious Christian. That’s the only incident I ever had. Of course one incident of zealous vandalism is too many, but it does say something about the rarity of such acts considering the many years I’ve lived in The Deep South (TM). And as a counter-balance I did have one person compliment me on my Darwin fish as he drove by.

  6. I recognized the cat; but couldn’t remember who it was.

    I googled “comic cat” and Simon’s Cat was the first or second hit in images. Ha!

  7. Makes me think of Top Gear’s special trip through Alabama, where they had to paint their cars with all sorts of very liberal messages mostly painted in pink (pro-choice, Hillary Clinton for president, pro-gay marriage etc). Very amusing.

  8. The climate for atheism in England is way cooler – you get very little shit for secularism here. Sweden & Norway are even cooler still.

    1. Same here in British Columbia. I put a “Evolve fish” sticker on my wifes car several years ago and no negative comments, or worse.

  9. On Jerry’s point about courage, as daring as putting a cross on the bumper of a car in Saudi Arabia might be, a Star of David would be even more so.

    Speaking of bumper sticker slogans, here’s a possible one for my car:

    “Knowledge evolves. Dogma petrifies.”

    I saw it today in the comment section of New York Times. It was posted following an article on the anti-evolution statement of belief “clarification” controversy at Bryan College.

    I thought it a clever and pithy summation of our current human condition especially apt here in the good old US of A.

    I am guessing the slogan is not original with the person who posted, but I could not find other evidence of it with a cursory Google search.

  10. I put a rocket/science fish on my car. My biggest reluctance about a Darwin fish was having it mistaken for one of the Christian fishes. I think the idea that your car gets vandalized is overblown in the South, at least in the big cities. I’m in Memphis.

  11. I put a rainbow flag on my backpack so that drivers could see my bike. My wife and mom told me they will see you OK, but your intention of remaining safe will be modestly nullified. I did notice a difference in driver attitude and unsafe-closer proximity to me. I removed the flag. Alas, America has a little ways to go.

    1. “I did notice a difference in driver attitude and unsafe-closer proximity to me.”

      Might be a bit of confirmation bias.

  12. Oh come on, give people more credit. I live in GA (albeit in a rather liberal town) and there are plenty of cars here sporting liberal messages. My friends who live in Atlanta have a Darwin fish on their cars. Never had any problem with it.

  13. I must share the most awful bumper sticker I have ever seen.
    It read, “Fight like man, get on your knees and pray.”

    There’s so much wrong with that, it overwhelms me.

  14. I have noticed that as I get older my looks get worse, but so does my eyesight. Now if that doesn’t prove intelligent design I don’t know what does or I maybe I have forgotten what does because my memory has also gotten worse.


  15. Late to the party.

    I’ve got a Darwin Fish, Flying Spaghetti Monster, a Human Rights Campaign equals-sign sticker, and a Keep Abortion Legal sticker. Only the latter ever gets vandalized–scratched off the bumper messily. Most recently whomever scraped it off also bent the rear-window wiper. (I keep replacing the K.A.L. stickers.)

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