26 thoughts on “By whom?

      1. No, Ben. What will they diagnose EACH of his multipple (actually, I think that I’ll leave that typo intact) personalities with?
        And will the sentences run consecutively or concurrently? For an immortal (new laptop, new keyboard layout ; multiple typos ; that one started out as “immoral”), invisible sky fairy, the concept of multiple lifetime sentences running consecutively does actually mean something.

  1. Love it … and, as is often the case here, the comments are even better than the original humorous post.

  2. I keep trying to find a Bible that has the original page 1:

    “This is a work of fiction. Any relationship between the persons, places, or stories in this book and any actual person, place, or story is purely coincidental.”

    1. There is a very apropos video about this, but I forget how to add a link without it turning in to an embed so whoever is interested go to the following code on Youtube

  3. Many years ago from XELO, Del Rio, Texas, there was an advertisement for an autographed picture of Jesus Christ. I wish I had ordered on, so I could sell it on eBay.

      1. Or … … likely with that B I I I I G and Mightily Omni – Potentate – ally , Hirsute – y, Scribal One which believers so ‘know’ from time to time reaches His Digits out and down –– to do Certain Thingies, eg, as such scriptures’ signings –– from All o’ His Holy Cloudliness.


  4. A couple of years ago a ‘biography’ of a then famous Australian race horse was published. I saw an advertisement for signed copies! Not having purchased one, I don’t know if the signature was a foot print! If horses can sign books, who knows…

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