Monday: Hili dialogue

May 12, 2014 • 3:24 am

And another week begins. I will be in Kamloops, British Columbia, Thursday through Sunday at the Imagine No Religion 4 conference, so posting may be a bit thin on those days. But I’ll try to report on the doings there, as there will be some good speakers (I’m looking forward to Jerry DeWitt asking, “Can I get a Darwin?”) and I hope some readers will make it there. But, of course, there will always be Hilis:

A. Why are you beginning to look like a zebra?
Hili: Because the photographer is wearing a striped shirt and he took the picture through the window.
In Polish:
Ja: Dlaczego zaczęłaś upodabniać się do zebry?
Hili: Bo fotograf ma koszulę w paski, a zdjęcie jest robione przez szybę.



2 thoughts on “Monday: Hili dialogue

  1. The loveliest, absolutely calmest solitude with which to begin my work week occurred to me in getting ready for, then strolling the 40 minutes’ worth in to the University early this May morning: the World today and of my recent past history .imagined. as if in ALL of Its aspects there is not now, and was not then, any religion(s) at all !

    What a gargantuan .difference. my neuronal synapses enjoyed !

    I wanna be in Kamloops this upcoming weekend, too. So, vicariously then instead Dr Coyne, regale us all with its and the event’s wonderments, please.


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