13 thoughts on “Chicago: frosty morning

  1. I like the shiny building shots. It doesn’t look cold but I know it is cold so that is enough. I’m done with winter and its blowing snow and I bet the people of Atlanta have had enough taste of snow too!

  2. I suppose when I tell you that Richmond, Va., was at 2 degrees this a.m., you’ll just put on your T-shirt and laugh.

    But for us, it’s a bit of a shock. Yesterday I scraped our walkway when the sun was shining in 18-degree weather, and after the last few days, that felt like spring.

    For Richmond, Va., that’s bizarre. When Virginia Beach goes to single digits, that’s outrageously bizarre. Those folks down there, in their bungalows, are probably shivering like an engine with a bad motor mount.

  3. I flew through and over Chicago yesterday morning on my return to Ecuador. The near-shore parts of Lake Michigan were frozen solid in most places. It looked and felt horribly cold. But the Miami airport was colder inside than O’Hare. Those southern folks are not ready for something like this. They must be suffering badly.

  4. I’m in town on business, visiting from sunny Los Angeles. Walking by the river from my hotel to the merchandise mart early yesterday morning, the cold was bone chilling to say the least. I was stuck in NYC a few weeks back when the polar vortex came through and it was nothing like this. Chicago is still my favorite city to visit, can’t wait to get my noms on.

  5. My poor husband will be visiting Philadelphia shortly. The weather is forecast to include 20 inches of snow. Australians don’t have the clothes for that kind of weather. Can you run an airport with 20 inches of snow on the ground?

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