Sunday: Hili dialogue

January 26, 2014 • 5:14 am
Hili expresses her one omnipresent desire with a quotation from Wiinie the Pooh:
A: What are you thinking about?
Hili: When did I eat last?
A; About an hour ago.
Hili: Time for a little something.
Photo: Sarah Lawson
1002209_10202607280050517_479621569_nIn Polish:
Ja: Nad czym się tak zastanawiasz?
Hili: Kiedy ja ostatnio jadłam?
Ja: Jakąś godzinę temu.
Hili: Czas na małe co nieco.
(Zdjęcie: Sarah)

7 thoughts on “Sunday: Hili dialogue

  1. Well, she’s already got her bib on. Of course, since that’s permanent, it must mean she’s ready to eat all time.

  2. On the topic of A. A. Milne, yesterday we picked up a copy of “Now We are Six” at an estate sale.

    I opened the book at random and it fell open on this page:

    Elizabeth Ann
    Said to her Nan:
    “Please will you tell me how God began?
    Somebody must have made him. So
    Who could it be, ‘cos I want to know?”
    And Nurse said, “Well!
    And Ann said, “Well?
    I know you know, and I wish you’d tell”
    And Nurse took pins from her mouth, and said,
    “Now then, darling, it’s time for bed.”

    Now there’s sophisticated theology in a nut shell.

  3. My problem is that I, like Hili, always feel like it is time for a little something. How come a round belly is adorable on a cat, and not so convincing on a woman?

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