Lay off the nip

January 25, 2014 • 12:10 pm

This week President Obama pronounced marijuana no more dangerous than alcohol (it’s actually less dangerous), but added that he’d advised his daughters against its use, saying it was “unhealthy” and a “bad idea”.

Well, its equivalent in cats—catnip—is also unhealthy, but for d*gs:


Just say no.

h/t: Miranda

48 thoughts on “Lay off the nip

    1. 25% of cats have no sensitivity to catnip, I’ve heard. I have 7 cats and none of them are in the 25%. At Christmas, we give them little pillows stuffed with catnip. On Dec 25 our house looks like a little opium den with drugged up kitties all rolling happily on the pillows.

      1. My current kitty has no sensitivity to catnip. There are a lot of little sad stuffed cat toys all over my house. But it makes a good insect repellant.

        1. It’s also a lovely mint plant with pretty purple flowers, and quite tasty for humans. It’s pretty hardy, too; if you’ve got a garden, you can almost certainly cultivate it regardless of climate zone.


  1. I saw a wonderful bumper sticker not long ago: If you don’t talk to your cat about catnip, someone else will.

  2. Doggie jest sittin’ thar, mindin’ hits own bizness.

    Kitty expects a reply from the doggie to the effect, “I apologize for hitting you in the paw with my snout.”

  3. Heh…Baihu sometimes takes a swipe at my ankles in a similar manner, usually from a strategic hiding spot like under the bed. Usually, moments later, he’s sprinting full throttle to the other side of the house, bouncing off a wall there, and back under the bed before I even have time to blink.

    If I don’t immediately reach for some sort of suitably-entertaining cat toy, I’m in the doghouse.

    Note: while feathers or leather mice or other objects attached to a string at the end of a wand are suitable toys, hands are an acceptable substitute. Blood loss is typically minor, but it’s still a good idea to wash the fresh wounds as soon after play is over that the cat will permit your inattention.



    1. “… hands are an acceptable substitute…”

      Acceptable to whom? Fellow musician, I admire your self-sacrifice. That’s true love, that is. Lucky Baihu!

      1. It’s actually not that bad at all — no worse than what happens when you go blackberrying, and at least as much fun.

        The key, for both, is to accept right up front that neither the cat nor the plant is intentionally trying to injure you, but that you’re going to bleed regardless. At that point, you can forget about the injuries and concentrate your attention on making your hand imitate a mouse or reaching the fruit, as the case may be.


        1. I’ve had great pleasure at being cat’s mouse before, but I find I don’t like my wounds that much any more when the game is over.

          Your description is wonderful! (Insert entire quote here). You need to write a cat lover’s bible. Please!!!

            1. Get Baihu to share his nine lives with you, then there should be time aplenty for all that needs doing;-)

        2. I used to love blackberry picking until my husband (boy friend at the time) told me about his cousin that was bitten by a snake the last time they went. That was the last time I went.

          1. Must admit, I’ve never heard of snakebites while blackberrying, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen blackberries growing in an area frequented by poisonous snakes.

            Anyway, the current plan is for blackberries in my own (yet-to-be-planted) garden. The only poisonous snakes in the region are rattlers, and they don’t venture anywhere near this far in the suburbs. And, besides, they’re very courteous snakes and give plenty of warning when you’re making them uncomfortable. About the only people who actually get bit by them are drunkards — and that’s no exaggeration.


              1. Ah — that would explain it. I live in Arizona, a civilized part of the world — not one of those wild and undeveloped spots, like Europe.

                …remind me, again. Europe’s the one right between Bulgaria and Ethiopia, right? The one shaped like a coat hanger?


            1. Around here almost anywhere is snake country. My brother-in-law owns a landscaping firm and they run into a lot of snakes. He’s had several employees who have been bitten, though only one needed to be rushed to an emergency room for anti-venom. Most of them wear snake-proof boots and gloves. One of the most frequently and thus most dangerous places are swimming pools. A lot of people don’t bother to maintain them in the Winter and when it comes time for Spring cleaning…well,let’s just say it can getting scarey. During drought years the snakes hang there most of the time. Don’t know how they tolerate chlorine and other chemicals used to keep the water clean.

              1. If they haven’t been taking care of the pool, the chlorine has likely mostly evaporated. And lots of people, at least in Arizona, are switching to salts of one type or another. Plus, I imagine that the snakes are going to be as interested in the humidity (and resultant condensation) and the heat sink as they are the water itself. And then there’s the snake food…if a desperately-thirsty rodent drinks pool water and gets sick enough from it to make it an easy target for the snake, the snake isn’t likely to get much of an ill effect from eating the rodent — plus it gets all the rodent’s fluids in the process so it doesn’t need to drink anything itself.



              2. @ Ben Goren. I realize that the chemicals are destroyed by long-term exposure to the sun. I meant that during drought conditions when water is scarce in their usual habitat, some snakes apparently tolerate the pool’s chemicals well during the warm weather when people are using the pools. Most of these are water moccasins aka cottonmouths (Agkistrodon piscivorus) which spend most of their time in water. They have a very painful bite and a powerful type of venom. They can really ruin a pool party!

  4. Has the American Right freaked out about Obama’s pot comments yet? I’m sure they won’t disappoint. It’s nice to hear a politician actually tell the truth about marijuana for a change. Have you EVER heard about someone causing a traffic accident because he/she was stoned?

          1. Don’t be silly! We were too young to buy alcohol! The person was not drunk, but was possibly under the influence of other pharmaceuticals in addition to the marijuana.

  5. Cute!

    pronounced marijuana no more dangerous than alcohol (it’s actually less dangerous)

    It’s difficult to compare drug effects, but since it is smoked the better comparison would be to nicotine smoking at a guess. And I read as an aside that marijuana is even more cancerogenous; don’t know if it is true and would like to see references.*

    That makes it possible to start to compare drug effects on bystanders too, since 2nd and 3d hand smoke is harmful.

    *Maybe it is like when tobacco smoking was found to be harmful. Except this time it is the drug users, not the drug sellers, that wants it to be harmless.

  6. My daughter bough some catnip sweeties for my new kitties (Mother, black and white tuxedo;r Ruth, dark tortoiseshell) at Christmas. Mum an around a bit but Ruthie was completely stoned! I found her zonked out on the sofa and was quite worried – when I said “You OK mate?” she just sort of said “Oh f off man” and went back to sleep.

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