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    1. They seem to be in descending order of size. Since white and light colors make things look bigger, I think the white kitteh really is smaller than the others.

      1. Well, sure. Typically they’re not all the same age but are conceived in separate matings over several days, and delivery is last in, first out.

        1. Indeed – a female cat on heat will only accept to mate at the moment she releases an ovum. This is why she can have a litter in which every kitten has a different father.

    1. I have had cats in the past but I agree that all dogs are atheists and cats worship themselves. All four of my Golden Retrievers only worship food and attention from me or whomever is available.

  1. Why limit ourselves to the obvious two choices? I thinks snakes would be a better choice for atheists, more biblical.

    Full disclosure: I have two cats, one d*g, one snake, one Conure. All of them are atheists (yes, I asked).

    1. Or: Queening may in the same litter result in kit – tehs made of haploids from different studs.

      This pix is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. !

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