Friday: Hili dialogue (with bonus photos)

January 3, 2014 • 1:30 am

Hili is showing curiosity beyond the timing of her meals. Fortunately, her questions are answered with great perspicacity.

Hili: What is religion?
A: It’s a cuckoo egg planted by wild imagination in the nest of reason.
(Photo: Professor Ceiling Cat)
1536526_10202449706871286_2048413053_nIn Polish:
Hili: Co to jest ta religia?
Ja: To takie kukułcze jajo dzikiej wyobraźni podrzucone w gnieździe rozumu.
(Zdjęcie: Jerry A. Coyne.)
And don’t forget to follow The Hili Dialogues, on Tumblr, which go way back to when she was a kitten (see the archives). There is also an “Ask Hili” feature, in which you can send her personal questions suitable for a cat. 

Some bonus photos: I was looking for Hili yesterday afternoon, knowing she was inside, and it was pointed out to me that she was in fact the lump under the blanket on the d*g’s bed. I pulled the corner back to see. (The white streak to the right is an electric cord.)

Hili is fully aware of her newfound fame as The Most Famous Cat in Poland, and is now trying to give Maru a run for his money:
Maru hili

5 thoughts on “Friday: Hili dialogue (with bonus photos)

  1. Hili is somewhat more svelte than Maru. And appears to be brighter.

    Much as I do love Maru, he is a tiny bit thick (in all aspects)!

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