Tuesday: Hili dialogue

December 31, 2013 • 1:00 am
Hili and I join Andrzej and Malgorzata in wishing everyone a Happy 2014.
Hili: What are you doing?
Jerry: I’m thinking.*
Hili: Me too. I think that this year will be great for you, for Miranda, and for all of us.
Jerry: Why do you think so?
Hili: Because we like to like each other.


(Note Emma the d*g asleep to the right.)
In Polish:
Hili: Co robisz?
Jerry: Myślę.
Hili: Ja też. Myślę, że ten rok będzie wspaniały, dla ciebie, dla Mirandy i dla nas wszystkich.
Jerry: Dlaczego tak myślisz?
Hili: Bo lubimy się lubić.
“Miranda” is of course Miranda Hale, whose articles are translated by Andrzej and Malgorzata, and who compiles The Hili Dialogues on a tumblr site.
*Actually, I was sleeping.

9 thoughts on “Tuesday: Hili dialogue

  1. So, Hili forsook the pleasure of displacing the d*g from its bed for your lap instead? Aren’t you special!

    Now, don’t move!

    1. I think that we discussed this a week or so ago.

      Set for early online publication in PNAS during the week of Dec. 16, the study provides the first direct evidence for the processes of cat domestication. – See more at: http://www.stonehearthnewsletters.com/cat-domestication-traced-to-chinese-farmers-5300-years-ago/updates/#sthash.f6KTL7Zd.dpuf

      Is this an attempt to flag something which you think Jerry might be interested in? If you look in the “Research Interests” link near the top of this page, you’ll find his email address. Use that. (I prepend my subject lines with “[WEIT] “, on the assumption that it’ll help with his mail filtering. I’ve not received any comments on that helping or hindering.)

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