48 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve quiz: spot the moth

  1. I found Jebus’ love child and also what I think may be the moth (it resembles a small profile of an African mask). It is on the most round of the tree’s bumps, on the middle left, lower right side of the bump.

  2. The thing that looks like a tree trunk is in fact a close up of the proboscis of a giant mutant moth, the result of a 1950’s nuclear test that went disasterously wrong but was covered up by the US government.

  3. See the three “bumps” in the central part of the picture that form a near equilateral triangle sitting upright, drop a vertical line down from the apex, the “blemish” on that line just below the base of the triangle.

      1. My directions aren’t the greatest, but the spot you are pointing out is not the same one I was trying to describe. I saw your spot too, and I think you probably have it. But, I am not sure so I nominated the other spot.

      1. Well, that image sucks. You can just make out the triangle I meant and then take it from there on the original image above.

        So Matthew, what’s the verdict? A 100%, or a big fat 8-1/2 x 11 inch 0?

    1. +1 I thought it was the same as vierotchka & was quite pleased with myself.

      Tell us Matthew! Tell us now! I hate the not knowing!

    2. For my 10 (euro) cents, you can’t beat taking out the star with a Thermostellar Triggering Device. It’s the only way to be sure.
      Short of a core explosion, that is. That’s really the only way to be sure.
      Unless Steinhardt and Turok’s ekpyrotic hypothesis is an accurate description of the universe.

  4. Thanks to the comments, I see what could be “something” due to its symmetrical nature, but I would have noticed it otherwise.

  5. This is a test of pareidolia and there ain’t no moth.

    (My first thought was that the tree trunk was a distraction and that the moth was in the vegetation, but it’s too blurry there to see anything.)

  6. Well, the pareidolia is certainly strong in this one. Maybe a bit heavy on the Easter Island stuff, but still good. The only thing catching my eye moth-wise is just barely off dead center, down & left. The bark sections just don’t seem to blend normally there.

  7. I’m not sure about this one.

    But I take darrelle’s triangle of bumps: the moth is on the right vertex slightly below center, head down to the right askew, crammed into the split.

    The different color texture is there (as it is for vierotchka’s patch, but less moth-esque IMO). But it aligns with a crack so it isn’t a 100 % ID at this resolution (and I have the same problem with vierotchka’s patch, only more so).

    1. I am leaning a bit toward Darrelle’s spot too. Both the left & right halves of the blemish look moth-like, both of the potential moths are rotated 90 degrees. Stuck on a ferry for hour and a half, so having way too much time to think about this.

  8. What about the light-colored bit to our upper-left of vierotchka’s knob, ~1/3 along that ascending line of darrelle’s triangle?… tho could be a spider-egg cache?

  9. I think I found it. It’s near the middle of the right side of Darrelle’s triangle. You can see the body of the moth traveling in the 2 o’clock to 8 o’clock direction. The wings look like a smudge…

  10. On Roundish bump, slighty left and above of center. Located on the edge, with head at about 3:30 and bottom edge of wings at about 5:30 on the clock. Dark band across “eyes” straight edges on left, right and bottom.

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