Happy New Year from Poland!

December 31, 2013 • 4:08 pm

It’s New Year in Poland, and fireworks are going off like crazy!

I managed to make it to 2014, thanks to the stimulation of company and many treats, so for the rest of my homebound countryman, I beat you!  Have a great 2014 and I’ll leave you this year not with a cat, but with a naked mole rat, tw**ted by Ricky Gervais:


27 thoughts on “Happy New Year from Poland!

      1. Well, we may not actually see the phrase very often, or at all. But the concept really shouldn’t be unknown to men over a certain age. Really.

        But don’t take it from me, Dr. Evil agrees.

        (wish I could link the clip but iOS7 won’t let me view desktop YT – I trust most will get the reference)

    1. The search phrase “groomed scrotum” gets “About 150,000 results” on Google. Don’t ask me why I tried that.

    2. Indeed, there is no way in a million years I’d ever have predicted that Jerry would have ended his first post of 2014 with the words, “beautifully groomed scrotum.” Consider my mind thoroughly blown.

      …I’m just hoping it’s the Polish beer….



    1. No sign of sun here on the Southwet coast of BC, but the sentiment is the same.

      Best Wishes for a Happy New Year to all.

  1. Happy New Year everyone! I managed to stay awake past midnight for the first time in weeks, but with the kids asleep since 8 and my better half since 11, here I am drinking the customary glass of bubbly by myself. So cheers to Jerry and all the readers!

  2. An hour into the New Year in the time zone that counts (i.e., UTC)!

    I’ll echo Lawrence Krauss on Faceb**k: “Wishing us renewed strength to fight superstition and ignorance in order to promote freedom, equality, and human rights.” And understanding of evolutionary biology, of course!

    (One sourpuss commenter: “Why don’t you stick to physics?’ Ptcha!)


  3. The mole rat is adorable — easily a match for PZ’s Cephalopods. There’s something about naked mammals that appeals to humans. Maybe they remind us of babies, which are also ugly/cute. Why else breed hairless cats and d*gs?

    I’m wondering what you’re doing in Poland, Jerry. The food looks great, and Hili is adorable. Probably I missed the narrative.

  4. Happy New Year to everyone here! Thanks for sharing laughs, bon mots, all the fantastic science stuff, the camaraderie and fighting the good fight for sanity, rational thinking and intellectual honesty.

    (Spending a quiet night at home with family.)

  5. re Blue’s resolves —

    i) renewed one resolution = same one of at least the past half decade or so ( ever since the year back then for which I was [ rightfully { or is it righteously ? } ] cited ): come to a complete stop at all stop signs

    ii) make certain I verbally out myself as often as possible or necessary and, thus accordingly, have at my ready stock response – bytes so as to not miss an opportunity to express “the magic” which is reality

    I have been handling very well already Resolve #1.

    With Resolve #2, may I please ask for some of your helps ? ! For an example over the next year, when I sneeze and someone else in my vicinity fires back at me, all spittles and grins, “god bless you,” why, I want to have in a frontal lobe – neuron’s inventory a readied, rebutting quip with which to quickly quash said saw.

    Suggestions ? ! Likely needs to be less than seven – to elebenty – seconds’ worth of a verbal blitz.

    Thanks ever. And here’s to D.E.E.P. – Breathing in to the Very Next One of the “ gregorian – ” construct known as calendar years.


    1. I think the response depends on the person. A) For someone who can take it and not be hurt, say “But God gave me this allergy!” or, “But God made cold viruses!”
      B) For someone who would not mind a little snark you could try “And also may Jupiter bless me”, which is said to be the Roman phrase for a sneeze.
      C) For a well meaning stranger just say “Thanks”, or say nothing.

    1. My brother in L.A. saw some special advertised at his tennis club for “waxed sack and crack”…
      He groaned and kept on moving…

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