11 thoughts on “Sunday: Hili dialogue

  1. When she wasn’t reclining and watching and watching and watching … … exactly like Hili this morning, then Moxie Grace OwlFace, my rescued and so belovéd Maine Coon, was draped across my chest from left shoulder to opposite hip like a sash, like a pageant banner: I used to tell the grandkiddos, “I wear Cat.” Ms Ani Willow drew me a picture of her grandmama wearing said Kitty – Cat.

    I lost Moxie Grace to death from an unexpected viciousness, a mauling, this past 17 June; and as it is my birthday today, her I am so, so missing: that watching – / watching – look.

    It is hard.

    ps Today is my father’s birthday, too. Daddy’s dead, too, now; but as a farmer life – long, he so, so appreciated his barn cats: squirted the Guernsey’s stream directly in to their so patiently – waiting mouths all lined up as they were ( Mz Tootsie, their long -, long – lived matriarch ) beside the cow’s back end. And Daddy’s pet name for me, his constant ( out )sidekick, had always been … … Kitty.

    That — and the science of the returning daytime — makes our Solstice birthdays a bit … … lighter !

  2. In Ten Cats today, one of the kitties is asking, “How many sleeps till Christmas?”

    Another replies: “One, if we start now.”

  3. I’m envious of people who live with cats who actually sleep at night. For the sake of my mental health and well-being, as of last night I am banishing Chloe to the kitchen at night, rather than let her sleep with me (using the term loosely). I was unable to convince her that she shouldn’t pounce on me in the middle of the night, or sit on me or nudge my hand to be petted. Too bad. Luckily she’s still adorable in the daytime.

    1. Oh, don’t worry — she’ll grow out of it.

      And the best way to help her on her way is to give her as much vigorous play time right before your bedtime as she’ll put up with. That might even mean a half an hour with her favorite toy, and will likely require rotating between toys to avoid boredom. Get her all wound up and she’ll generally sleep through the night.


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