27 thoughts on “Squirrel prestidigitation

  1. The squirrel’s long claws look like the creepy finger nails of someone claiming powers of prescience.

    Squirrels are clumsy though – more than once I’ve had them drop acorns on me from above. One even still had squirrel spit on them. I used to think they were throwing them at me but when you watch them, they drop them often.

  2. Come on. Everyone knows there’s no such thing as mental levitation.

    The squirrel has magnetised its paws and the acorn, that’s all.

    Also, magnets, how do they work?

    1. That would be awesome — a “Life on Tattoine” programme presented by Sir David, or “The Secret Life of the Norwegian Ridgeback,” or the like.

      And I bet he’d get a kick out of it, too!


  3. Many years ago, in Kenya, I took a series of photos of my Maasai friends doing the jumping dance. I clicked each time they were up in the air, and as they kept the same body and height position throughout, the series of photo made it look as if they were levitating. I actually fooled a few friends into believing that they were levitating!

      1. Unfortunately, they were taken long before the digital age, and I haven’t scanned them – I have literally thousands of photographs, negatives and slides, and neither the time nor the energy to digitize them. I have quite a few of my non-African photographs digitized, some are even online, but none as spectacular as my Kenya photographs.

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