8 thoughts on “Good catch

  1. Now we know what Hili was looking at! She’s a cat that can travel in space & time. She should be the new Doctor’s companion!

    1. As you know, probably, I am intrigued by the proposition that there is only one cat, time travelling to and fro through space time ; when it intersects our world line, we see it as a Ceiling Cat or a Basement Cat depending on our relative directions of time travel.
      That said, I don’t have any idea how to test the proposition.
      A similar proposition has been made concerning electrons and positrons.

  2. Actually, I had to switch into portrait mode and shuffle USB devices around until I could balance the laptop on end. But it was worth the effort.
    There are nastier things to do to unattended computers than flipping their screens by 180degrees. but it is fun, nonetheless.

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