December 18, 2013 • 11:32 am

Reader Ron sent in this cat decked in a cute snowman suit for the holidays. I love its expression.  Ron’s note:

This is Cat – he owns my daughter Pam. You’ve seen him before as one of the cat-beards. I’m not sure if he’s unhappy with the costume, or with the up and coming Christian festivities.

Snowman cat

If Cat could talk in this photo, what would he say?

A later addendum from Ron:

 And just to show he isn’t as grumpy as he looks, see the attached. He’s a cat of many faces.

Compare the sweet cat face below to the angry one above, and note which facial features change to make a cat look mad.


31 thoughts on “Snowcat

  1. Cat would clearly say, “I am not amused!”

    Pretty sure he’ll get over it, though…especially if Pam takes that scarf off his neck and waves it around for Cat to chase…


  2. I am not sure his words would be family friendly. Nevertheless somewhere in that string of profanity would be the word–prepare to die hoomin.

  3. This picture is so funny. The cat is clearly restraining him/herself & thinking, “I so want to bite you in the face” along with a few expletives.

            1. Actually, they do – they have a “thumb” (short and stunted but with a claw) higher up on their front paws, so they have five “fingers”, not to be confused with polydactyl cats.

              This is a polydactyl cat:

  4. The expression difference seems to be almost all in the reduced openness of the eyes, and a bit of whisker droop for the “I am not pleased” expression. Funny that such subtle differences can make such a change in expression.

  5. I can’t think of a cat in households I’ve lived in or been a part of, that “like” wearing anything. I was reminded of lines from “Chicago and December,” by poet W. S. Di Piero on the “reaction” of two stone lions outside the Art Institute.

    “the great stone lions outside
    monumentally pissed
    by jumbo wreaths and ribbons
    municipal good cheer
    yoked around their heads.”

  6. This cat is sooo great! I actually like it very much with its slightly angry edge in the first pic. That pure sweetness in the second pic, that is hard to take if she is not a kitten any more… Am not sure I can do this caption competition in English, but I’ll try:


    Cat, master thyself!
    For you would hate
    to see her defaced
    by impulse alone…

    It wouldn’t take much –
    Just one second of letting go

    And the wish to break free
    Would result in horrendous carnage.

    Restrain Catself!!!
    Twentyone, twentytooth, twentyfreeth…

    You know it is worth
    Keeping your head high!

    Prerogative of US CATS
    Must prevail.

    And all …
    For the love of thee…

    (In despair)
    Ok, are we DONE NOW???
    Gotta hide under the sofa…

  7. The facial features that change are remarkably identical to human features conveying the same emotion. Ooh, that evolution thing is spooky.

    1. Mammals certainly have a common facial expression language. Other vertebrates don’t tend to have a whole lot in the way of facial muscles, but those that do (some birds) share the same language. I expect it would be possible to get a good read on a T-Rex’s mood by observing it…if it weren’t for the minor little detail that they’ve been dead for scores of millions of years….


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