There’s only one Emu

December 13, 2013 • 12:48 am

by Matthew Cobb

Seems like Jerry is about to go off on an emu kick on WEIT, and why not – they are weird and show us how dinosaurs can behave. But for those of us of a certain age and from certain parts of the world, there’s only one Emu, a particularly aggressive bird that accompanied British comedian Rod Hull. Hull apparently grew to hate his sidekick, who was certainly a pretty annoying animal. Here for your morning delectation are some videos of Rod Hull and Emu, including Emu’s famous appearance on the UK talkshow, Parkinson. We knew how to enjoy ourselves back then. Hull died in 1999. Emu now works with his son.

25 thoughts on “There’s only one Emu

      1. He was adjusting reception on his own TV aerial during a televised football match, fell off & smashed through a greenhouse ~ his whole life was one pointless stunt. It’s the definition of comedy & comedians isn’t it?

  1. Brilliant!

    OK so we know it’s all being done by Rod Hull, but it’s hard to believe that Emu doesn’t have a malevolent will of its own.

      1. Each performing artist has his/her own style, that’s for sure! I remember Worsley from the TV of my youth. Never thought much about the style of it until now.
        I do remember reading the novel “Magic” (became a movie w/Anthony Hopkins)by Wm. Goldman and was blown away at the darkness of it. Of course the interplay with ventriloquists and their puppets keeps amateur psychologists very busy ; )

    1. The worst ventriloquist has to have been Peter Brough who worked a dummy called Archie Andrews.

      He was a very name in the days of radio but unfortunately the advent of TV exposed his technical limitations (i.e. his lips moved constantly)

      At one stage his radio show was getting > 15m listeners and he did introduce some fine comedians such as Tony Hancock & Eric Sykes so it wasn’t all a bad.

  2. I must admit, Rod Hull and Emu are new to me.

    That veterinarian sketch is especially timely; Baihu just had his annual physical yesterday (which he passed with flying colors).


      1. Oh, absolutely. When Dr. Bastek brought him back after getting blood and urine samples (and, believe me, you do not want to know how urine samples are collected from cats), she even commented on how he was tense at first, and then melted in her arms once he realized that, not only was he not going to escape, but she wasn’t going to eat him, either.


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