Wednesday: Hili dialogue

December 11, 2013 • 3:59 am
Hili: The snow is gone. Now do something so it will be warmer.
A: Hili, sometimes you just have to accept reality.
Hili: Ask Uncle Jerry if it is so cold in Chicago as well.
Yes, Hili it is wicked cold in Chicago—colder than Dobrzyn. And we have lots of snow. You wouldn’t like it here.


In Polish:

Hili: Śnieg stopniał, zrób coś jeszcze, żeby było cieplej.
Ja: Hili, czasem trzeba zaakceptować rzeczywistość.
Hili: Spytaj Jerrego, czy u niego też tak zimno?

14 thoughts on “Wednesday: Hili dialogue

  1. It’s cold here, too! As I type, it’s fffffforty-three degrees Fahrenheit, which is, like, only eleben degrees above freezing! And it might not make it above 70 at all — and only for a little bit in the middle of the afternoon, if it does!

    Inside, though, it’s not so bad. Once the Sun finally gets high enough, it’ll shine on the bed and warm it up, which is where you’ll find Baihu much of the day.


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