The world’s cutest animal

December 11, 2013 • 3:08 pm

. . . or so thinks reader Barry, who sent me this photo:


I have to admit it’s pretty adorable.

First, identify it.

Then, give us your choice of the world’s cutest animal. Don’t forget to specify whether its supremacy is limited to either the adult or juvenile stages.

I suppose I’d choose a baby Giant Panda, but then there are baby manuls, baby tigers, and so on.

98 thoughts on “The world’s cutest animal

        1. Haha, that actually took me a while to figure out πŸ˜€
          My first thought was – oh that must be from the miniseries (which I haven’t watched), the scene in the Lynch movie looked completely different πŸ˜‰

          1. Yeah the Lynch stuff was bizarre. I recommend the series. I own all the DVDs from it & it is much truer to the books.

            1. Ok I should check it out then. I’m not one of the haters of the Lynch movie, I actually love the atmosphere, but yes there are many liberties in it.

      1. Kevin, have you read ‘Laura’ by Saki (H H Munro)?

        Reincarnation as an otter sounds like a good idea to other people, apparently.

  1. I have no doubt in my mind that I have you all beat for cutest animal in the world. I know… it’s not a contest but I’m pretty passionate about how cute this little guy is.

    Japanese dwarf flying squirrel !

  2. As others have noted, this is a long eared jerboa.

    I have to admit that this critter is definitely a contender in the Cutest Animal Pageant.

      1. Awwww! Now I want a chinchilla. It’s so much work with little animals though – my guinea pigs required aspen bedding which had to be changed often and was dusty & fresh greens as well as vitamin C which I had to make into a liquid and feed to them through a syringe because the fussy little things wouldn’t eat oranges or kiwi fruit!

        1. She’s really quite simple to care for. Pellets and timothy hay and the occasional bit of dried fruit for a treat. You do need a large cage for them to move about, chew toys like pumice blocks for grinding down their teeth and a heavy-duty wheel for exercise. Oh and dust baths. If you’ve never seen a chinchilla take a dust bath it’s just about the cutest thing ever.

  3. Long-eared Jerboa for sure.

    As for the cutest animal – besides my lovely cat (especially when she was a kitten) – I find most species of lemurs, both adult and babies, to be the cutest animals.

    1. Love goats! Had a pet one when I was a kid (no pun intended) in Martinique. Sweetie Pie played tag with us human kids and our dog. My mother wasn’t too pleased when SP peed on my brother’s bed. And you thought that cat pee was bad…

      1. Goats are very smart & I’ve heard a lot of people say that they had one once. I like them because they don’t take crap off anyone either – just head butt you one if you get out of line with the goat.

        There are some pet goats up the street at a farm that sells its produce on site and I always make sure to visit the goats when I go there. If I lived in a climate that allowed goats to stay outside all year without building a barn, I’d have one. I saw a lot of goats in New Zealand with little goat houses.

  4. This cavorting little goat has been featured on this website before. I haven’t been able to get over her exorbitant level of cuteness since then.

      1. I believe just leaving out the http:// part of the link will do. Word Press will replace that part but the vid won’t embed.

  5. To date, other than Baihu, nobody has mentioned kittehs! This is weird. I suppose everybody has mentally / subconsciously thought ‘other than kittehs’ because they’re the staple of this website…

    1. Awwww! How adorable all snuggly in their blankets! When I visited Cairns, at dusk I’d go down and take pictures of the cute bats in the trees.

  6. Obviously this is very much a personal thing, and there can be no objective and definitive answer.

    But the answer is Llamas, and anyone who says otherwise is a fool and a communist.

    The answers above are all good, though, especially Pangolins and Chinchillas.

    Also, an honourable mention for the sheep on Skye. When you cross from the mainland to Skye, the sheep all become an order of magnitude cuter.

  7. Why only mammals? Owls are cute

    It it “has” to be a mammal, then baby hedgehogs.

  8. That is a Long-Eared Jerboa, and while it is cute as a button, those back legs are super creepy.

    My vote goes towards the Fennec Fox, whose adorableness is not limited to any one stage of its life cycle. It is the cutest thing ever from birth to old age.

  9. Originally from another jpg:

    “I hear something … down the street … across the park … behind the trees … under the berm.”

    Or some-such.

  10. Didn’t we have this “contest” once before on this website? I seem to recall that at that time I nominated my two daughters; I’m sticking with that choice.

    Of course, tarsiers really are adorable, too.

  11. Cute? It looks like something from a particularly dreadful and sentimental Japanese comic-book. What a revolting little creature!

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