Snow boots

December 9, 2013 • 5:24 am

We had about a 2.5 inches (6+ cm) of snow in Chicago yesterday, and my squirrels’ water dish is frozen.  (Of course I replenish it regularly; what do they drink in winter?).  But boots are still the fashion accessory of the day, although you want your oldest, most beat-up boots:

photo 142

9 thoughts on “Snow boots

  1. Thirsty animals in wintertime will eat snow to drink. This is why cold snaps without snow can be very dangerous to wildlife, since at that point there really is nothing to drink, especially for birds (most mammals can gnaw ice if needed, birds don’t really have the tools for that, unless they’re woodpeckers…)

  2. My fashion accessory for teaching in cold, grey Michigan is to wear Hawaiian shirts to work. It seems to cheer people up — at least I hear them laughing about something when I walk in…

    1. That snow looks like it is full of squirrel fur. Do you suppose he was lulling them into a false sense of security so he could get squirrel-fur-lined boots?!

  3. Squirrels simply gnaw on ice to get water in the winter.

    I saw one doing it on my frozen bird bath a week or two ago. Left a nice little ice ravine in the surface.

  4. There was a small amount of snow here. From the radio, I thought it was full on snowmeggedon where I work (I commute an hour north into the snow belt). I find out it was just a couple centimeters but people were in accidents all over the place.

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