Fox week 3: Cat/fox love

December 5, 2013 • 12:03 pm

Occasionally even PuffHo has something good, and this article on the friendship between a cat and a fox is just the ticket for Fox Week.

As the article notes:

This duo was discovered by fishermen on the shores of Lake Van in Turkey, according to BuzzFeed.

Photos of their friendship spread across the Internet last November, but the pictures resurfaced on Reddit today.

Here are some:




And here’s a video (from a Turkish television station) that shows the felid-canid love even if you don’t know Turkish:

23 thoughts on “Fox week 3: Cat/fox love

      1. Probably bears the same relation to Turkish Van as a random longhaired farm cat in New England or Minnesota to “Maine Coon”…

        Selectively-bred Turkish Van are “semi-longhair” but single coat without either guard hair or down. Land-race version of Vans have a high incidence of this trait, associated with being able to dry off after a swim. A cat like the one in the photo might have this trait and also be pretty fluffy in the winter.

      1. …and, perhaps not so surprisingly, the prey is able to tell when the predators aren’t hungry. Why waste your energy running away when there’s nothing to run away from?

        One can easily imagine, though, a predator taking advantage of such reactions to prey, and to mimic a lack of interest in prey until opportunity presents itself….


    1. Awwww cute! I had a dog who had a cat friend. We have no idea where the cat lived but in the morning he/she would come into the yard and rub all over him.

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