Readers’ cats: the late Spook

December 3, 2013 • 1:56 pm

It makes me sad to post readers’ cats that are no longer with us, but most of us will outlive our cats (I’ve endured the death of two), and it helps us remember the good parts of their companionship.  This photo and note come from reader Carol Taskin. a musician:

We said goodbye to our cat two weeks ago.  Spook was a tiny stray kitten when we found him one Halloween night and he came to us at a moment when we needed a black ray of sunshine.  His life became intertwined with ours, he was good company and a faithful friend, we loved him and he loved us. I keep thinking I see him out of the corner of my eye and I miss the sound of him pawing at the floor as he always did before drinking from his dish.

Probably the most remarkable thing about him was his transformation when our two older cats died.  His personality completely changed: he was overjoyed to be an only cat and instantly took over the whole house.  He started talking, greeted people at the door and would come from wherever he was in the house when I sat down to play the harpsichord. He seemed to know to wait for cadences in the music for me to be free to give him a scratch.

Spook had some health problems early on which later in life lead to diabetes, kidney and liver disease on top of his heart murmur.  He rallied so many times from illness, more than nine lives worth.  It’s pretty amazing, if not a bit ironic, that he made it to 13.

This photo I call ‘King Spook’ because he looks so regal.  He was a superior cat.

King Spook 1

 ‘Floor cat’ is the view I frequently had sitting at the harpsichord: he would come from wherever he was in the house when I started to play.

Spook harpsichord

[JAC]: Finally, a picture that could be called “Where are my noms? Those fish aren’t real.”

spook looks up

16 thoughts on “Readers’ cats: the late Spook

  1. most of our cats will outlive us

    I’m sure that’s a thinko, that you meant to type the opposite.

    …and I’m not sure which option I find more disturbing!

    So sorry, Carol, for the Spook-shaped hole in your heart. It’s never easy. But thanks for giving Spook the wonderful life he so clearly had!


  2. He looks just like a cat I had years ago.This cat loved of all things pumpkin pie.Had to besure the pie was covered on the counter because he’s jump up and try to get some of it.

    1. Me, too, re: black fur. Were Spook’s whiskers akways white, or was that a “distinction” which came with age?

      1. No, actually, they were originally black. For a while he had only two white whiskers that hung down like walrus tusks. I was quite fond of that look.

  3. That’s a regal cat, all right, demanding of his noms and serenaded by a personal harpsichordist. Sorry you’re gone, Spook, but glad your royal musician is still with us.

  4. always so hard to lose a kitty. I’ve lost three this year, to all of those infirmities from age.

    As I have read somewhere, every time you agree to have a pet, you make an agreement with sorrow.

  5. What a beautiful cat spook was! And a wonderful thing that you found each other and shared your lives together.

  6. What a glorious kitter-critter. A similarly-themed kitty named “October” (a tiny bit bigger, but probably just as sweet) is in my pics, Carol. (if you click on my gravatar) Also found around Halloween, and fond of pumpkins.

  7. Prof Ceiling Cat should post an advent calendar of daily readers’ cats methinks.

    OK, maybe I’m just showing that I miss having an overlord around. If I end up in a larger apartment I’ll rectify that.

    And RIP Spook, he looks like he was a lot of fun. A very cheeky look to him. 🙂

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