Thursday: Hili Dialogue

November 28, 2013 • 4:27 am
Emma: In a moment there will be freedom and independence.

Hili: Just to keep you company I will wait for my freedom and independence until the gate is open.


In Polish:

Emma: Zaraz będzie wolność i niepodległość.
Hili: Dla towarzystwa też poczekam z moją wolnością i niepodległością do czasu otwarcia bramy.

9 thoughts on “Thursday: Hili Dialogue

  1. D*gs wait for gates to be opened at their master’s behest.
    Cats really need to get staff more attentive to their every whim.

    1. Tell that to all the dogs I’ve had that have jumped over 6 foot fences. 🙂 The trick is to never teach your dog to jump anything that looks fence like.

  2. For a cat, the matter of a gate is neither here nor there. I doubt if a cat really knows what “independence” means, since any alternative would be an unknown concept.

    1. Cats aren’t too clear on the concept of fences, either. My back yard is enclosed by a cinderblock fence (stuccoed and painted since this past spring, thanks to my next-door neighbor, Jose, who might be the best stucco man in the Valley). It ranges from almost six feet to over seven feet high, depending on ground level. I’ve never seen a cat consider it any kind of barrier; it’s just a part of the landscape, like a log or a tree or an embankment or what-not.


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