Smokey and Daryl

November 26, 2013 • 8:15 pm

A great pair of songs, one of them the best of all soul songs.

BTW, here’s a list of Hall’s own traits written by him. We share a number of traits, two in particular (multiply asterisked, I’ll omit the self-aggrandizing ones):

Daryl Hall…

by Daryl Hall

He’s had lots of hit records
He has an apartment in the West Village, NYC
He has a farm in the country
He spends a lot of time in England
He drives a motorcycle
He likes history*
He has studied magick
He likes Indian food*
He believes in the power of the self
He believes in soul [JAC: Ugh!–Unless it’s soul music]
He’s done some fighting in his lifeT
here are a lot of ministers in his family
He likes cats*****
He’s introspective
He spends a lot of time thinking about the Big Picture
He reads voraciously*
He likes temperate climates
He’s honest
His triple great grandmother was a Revolutionary War spy
He grew up with the ghettoHe likes to shop
He used to go to church
He eats at Joe’sHe doesn’t follow orders
He draws cartoons*
He doesn’t jog but he runsHe cooks outdoors a lot
He doesn’t care about winning
He’s worried about censorship and organized pressure groups*
He likes cowboy boots***** [JAC: he collects them, too; that’s pretty well known in the boot community]
He hunts
He has no use for fools
He’s a nice guy
His girlfriend is Sara
His right lobe is over developed
He makes Real Ale
He tries to think globally and act locally
He flunked freshman biology [JAC: O noes!]
He’s old fashioned–he doesn’t believe in marriage
He’s a musician first
He’s everything else second

And here’s the famous Sara (Sara Allen). She and Hall were together for 30 years before separating in 2001:


9 thoughts on “Smokey and Daryl

  1. I think there’s 80 or so clips from Daryl’s House on YouTube, a while ago I made it through all of them. Most are excellent. I remember “I Can’t Go For That” with Cee Lo Green. Daryl and Cee Lo were both having a hard time hitting the high notes, hard to believe with those two. Daryl and Joe Walsh doing “Life’s Been Good”… Daryl had a great time doing this with some fellow outstanding artists.

  2. Wonderful…

    I think my favourite clip though is the one featuring Todd Rundgren and they perform ‘ I saw the light’.

    It’s just a pleasure to see professional musicians thoroughly enjoying the moment.

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