Simon’s real cats

November 25, 2013 • 2:17 pm

In a new, short video, Simon Tofield describes his four real cats: Jess, Hugh (the main inspiration for the cartoon cat), Teddy (the name of my last cat), and Maisy.  Three of them are large, and two are rescue cats. Have a look: Simon provides both photos and drawings.

3 thoughts on “Simon’s real cats

  1. Lovely to see Simon’s real cats – I’ve loved his animations for a long time, since they’re simultaneously funny and true to life.

  2. Incidentally, the image I use is Siusin, a black tortoiseshell who came from a shelter. She’s quite shy, but very loving (when the other cat is around: Luschka the Burmese is much older and despite being smaller, she bosses Siusin around).

    When I first got her, every time I fed her she’d take a mouthful of food then jump up on my lap for patting, then more food and more patting: it was as though she’d been starved of both food and affection for a very long time.

  3. When Simon was in Chicago recently for a book signing, he said the RSPCA wanted him to do a public service animation warning about the dangers of feeding table scraps to your pet. They wanted him to have an over-eating cat, but Simon told them that was not cat behavior, and gave them a Jack Russell d*g instead.

    Fed Up

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