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    1. Yes, but in the grand scheme of things, birds and dinosaurs are fairly CLOSE relatives! (But I can see using the word “distant” in light of the guests that have already arrived …)

      And of course any organism could be called a distant relative of birds.

    1. No, Microraptor was a four winged dinosaur that flew (gliding I suspect but there are papers on this. There were probably others too.

      1. Thanks for that. A quick Google indicates that some people think Microraptor might have represented a “pre-avian” group directly on the line of descent to “birds” ~ i.e. the bird line came from four-winged Microraptors. So I suppose my revised question is…

        Within the Dinosauria was flapping flight “discovered” only once, the same as for Mammals [bats]? The *jump* from gliding flying to flapping flying is so costly I would bet we’ll not find an independent “discovery” of flight among the dinos, & no doubt there are many unrecognised Dino gliders in the bone collections ~ since gliding is such a common solution which is much cheaper than flying.

        1. Have a look at the fantastic ‘Tetrapod Zoology’ website of Darren Naish: TetZoo has just done a post on Microraptor

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