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November 23, 2013 • 12:57 pm

This comment—with the appended name “Kenneth Lovette” (I don’t know if that’s the person’s real name, but the name has an interesting history if you Google it)—arrived a few days ago. Naturally the chap won’t be allowed to post regularly, but I’ll give him his one shot. This comment was intended to follow the “Where are all the dead gods?” post from two years ago. I reproduce it exactly as it arrived.

God Almighty Father of ALL Creation and His Son Jesus, first begotten will share with you all that you have ever thought, said, or done when you stand in Judgement on the LAST DAY . look around you oh foolish one’s and tell me there is no SON OF GOD KICKING THIS PLANET AND IT’S NON BELIEVING PEOPLES ASS!!! Truly you shall be judged yea Antichrists , for there shall be many non believers in the end times. One more thing God Almighty OWNED THE GREEK INFERIOR GODLETTE’S!!!

I love that  “God Almighty Greek OWNED THE GREEK INFERIOR GODELETTE’S!!!”, with the possessive. That, of course, refers to the famous Mencken quote that started of my piece.

Perhaps this is a joke, but I don’t think so.

Do people really think that this kind of rant can turn us into Christians? Or are they just puffing themselves up?

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    1. Maybe less irritating intellectually, but more dangerous. He seems to think that natural disasters are God’s punishment on humanity because of non-believing. A version of a superstition that already documented in the Old Testament. The logical next step (also recommended and shown in the Bible) is to kill the non-belivers and save humanity.

      Therefore anybody who seriously thinks that natural disasters are punishment from God is a potential mass-murderer. (Though luckily most of them won’t ever go farther than silently approving the few that acts.)

  1. My guess is that people who use this line of “argument”(i.e. attack) are as far as they’re concerned all but certain that no amount of reason or evidence will ever change an atheist: the atheist both knows God exists and chooses to reject Him. That’s in the Bible. God’s presence is just so obvious from what He has made that there is “no excuse.”

    So the purpose of the rant is to show off for God. See how I defend you? Remember that, and my humility.

    And, of course, they also show off to fellow Christians while bolstering their own faith. Wow, I must really be sure of God, to get so angry in His defense. Behavior –> Feelings.

    1. “…the rant is to show off for God.”

      Agree! That is insightful and strikes me as an accurate way to see responses like this (from Lovelace).

    2. The other part of it, as far as I can tell, is that the people who are prone to the ranting-for-Jesus behavior tend to be people who aren’t very good at understanding that people could have differing opinions or thought processes from them. They arrived at an idea one way, so everybody else naturally ought to arrive at the same idea in the same way and they have an anger response when dealing with anyone who reaches a different conclusion.

  2. Assuming “Kenneth Lovette” is bible believing Christian, his “Son Jesus, first begotten” does not conform to what is written therein. See: Genesis 1:27 (Adam), Psalm 2:7 (David), John 3:16 (Jesus: God’s only begotten son).

    I’m wondering if this is yet another incarnation of the Mabus http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Dennis_Markuze

  3. If not a joke, me thinks that you’re giving this person more credit than deserved for his connection w/ reality.

    And if not a joke, it’s definitely a wide-angle peek into the mind of a seriously disturbed and/or brain injured person.

  4. They are preaching to the echo chamber that is in their heads. They see the righteous words that the Spirit inspired them to write, nodding in appreciation of its forcefulness and rugged simplicity. Then they fire off the divine revelation, conveyed through their trembling fingers—imagine the odd mixture of humility and power—with the sense that they are just a bit closer to the God who happens to agree with them in every respect.

    Been there, done that. Unfortunately.

      1. Rather surprisingly, Kenneth has patristic exegesis on his side about ‘first-begotten’.

        Justin Martyr, in his ‘Dialogue with Trypho’ calls Jesus precisely that; the Holy Spirit being second begotten (from memory). Christians are also sons of God, and therefore God puts it around a bit.

        Infinite elasticity and metaphoricity of the jargon, I suppose.


          1. Well, Musical, as the pre-existent Word made incarnate in Justin’s cosmology, Jesus would have been 5,000 years older than his four brothers and two sisters. It’s nice to have an elder brother as a role-model.


  5. In debating with christian idiots like this, they do have one advantage that we unfortunately don’t have.

    They blather on about how we’ll be disabused of our delusions when we die and face their judgmental god. And I sense from posts like Kenneth Lovette’s, that they grovel in satisfaction to tell us about about it.

    We could just as well tell them how surprised they’ll be when they die and find that there’s nothing there. They just wasted their lives when they could have been doing something useful.

    But, in our case we’ll never get the satisfaction of “I told you so.” They’ll just be dead.

  6. Oh but it’s lovely – how it starts out all formal and booming and then changes tack and uses the word “ASS”, in all caps no less. A shame it’s been done so much that it’s so predictable, but you still have to appreciate the effort.

    1. They can’t hold it together enough to spell & punctuate correctly. It fits their MO when they come here too – they start out friendly enough then suddenly snap. I’m sure it would be scarier in person.

      1. Can you do that on a computer keyboard?

        Reminds me of a client one time many years ago who called our software business asking if we knew where he could get a keyboard with a Cyrillic alphabet. L

  7. It sounds like DM off his medications again. The latest god-caused tragedy in the Philippines afflicted mostly christians; that’s some nasty god killing all those christians and making even more suffer just to get at a few muslims and people of other religions.

    1. Most people in the Philippines are catholics; the christians I know would not consider them to be christians, and, in fact, would send missionaries to try to convert them.

  8. That sort of blather reads to me no different from a very young boy describing how his favorite comic book superhero will so totally destroy his favorite comic book supervillain. Needs some KAPOW! and UNF! and HEEEEEEEEYA! for good measure. Or, as the Christians like to use, AMEN!



  9. Gotta Lovette! Poor silly soul!

    Anyway, his post smacks of hubris, smugness, self-righteousness, arrogance, delusions of grandeur and the vanity of the ‘chosen’. He can kiss my ASS and go jump in the lake.

    1. Or, should you prefer, he is welcome to perambulate in an extended fashion bearing for the tarn subsequent to engaging in posterior osculation. And, after that, as far as I’m concerned, he can just fuck off.



  10. It’s good to be reminded, now and then, of just how “ill” the thinking of millions of people in this world really is: it often seems absurd to even hope that things will really improve in time to prevent us from destroying the technologically advanced societies so carefully and laboriously built over the centuries. The only good thing about overpopulation is that it means there’s more scientists!

  11. Freethought Today, the monthly gazette from the Freedom From Religion Foundation folks, has in every lovely issue several splendid sections that are fairly routinely published each time.

    My favorites are ‘Overheard’ and ‘Black Collar Crime Blotter’ ( the priests’ and reverends’ actual crimes, o’course = always two full pages’ worth recounted in brief ! ) and the funniest ever each month: ‘Sharing the Crank Mail’ = all o’em also printed as they were in Madison at the FFRF [ grammatically ] … … received !

    Simply a freakin’ stitch these all are !

    December 2013’s issue has in its such section this month 20 of these rants and rages.

    And something else in one of its monthly sections, the December 2013 Freethought Calendar on its inside cover page: Dr Jerry Coyne’s BIRTHDAY on 30 December !

    My RANT: May your ( and, likewise, my [ Winter Solstice ] December ) birthday — with these sort o’rants … … refuted — be amongst our happiest ever !


  12. I found an interesting example of a professional dereliction of duty with the same name attached, but at least he does not seem to be making meat pies.

  13. “Do people really think that this kind of rant can turn us into Christians? Or are they just puffing themselves up?”

    Speaking for myself, I believe this kind of emotional over reaction is typical of those who either cannot or will not allow intellectual analysis (of most anything) to be considered. They are simply too ignorant and/or afraid to step outside of their well-trod religious comfort zones. Because we rational folks cannot apply the same ‘suspension of disbelief’ as those of the religious persuasion can towards religion, we are simply misguided or at worst dangerous.

    If one wanted to persuade me to consider their ‘school of thought’, a rational, logical and coherent argument must be presented.

    Since there is no way to prove the existence of their gods or their gods deeds, they have only fear mongering to offer as a substitute. This will not convince anyone who has moved on from childhood fairy tales.

    As to the puffing up question, I suppose they could be doing this as a stature enhancing measure, but again I think its because deep down, christians are naturally fearful or just ignorant and thus fearful. I believe some people are just simply less inclined to evolve intellectually for one reason or another (This may or may not explain the consistently bad grammar and spelling skills that accompany most of their public rants).

    We more rational humans that move forward despite fear, and learn from our failures or successes and respond/change our behavior accordingly, are incomprehensible to the fearful. Perhaps vigorous intellectual exercise is too close to godliness for comfort?
    Those at the other end of the rationality spectrum that will not change they way they perceive and interact with the outside world for any reason based on fear or indoctrination.
    As someone above mentioned they perceive christians and other religious people as slightly insane. I submit Einstein’s thoughts on the subject of insanity are appropriate here.

  14. “look around you oh foolish one’s and tell me there is no SON OF GOD KICKING THIS PLANET AND IT’S NON BELIEVING PEOPLES ASS!!!”
    Indeed I got my ass kicked today. I was listening to Made in Japan and yes, Blackmore was God back in 1972 (and several years after).
    So I guess the guy is right.

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