Reader’s eclipse photos, one with cat

November 3, 2013 • 9:28 am

Reader “gravelinspector” travels the world as a geologist, working (I gather) on oil rigs. Right now he’s on a ship in the Gulf of Guinea, and has a post on his website, Rock Sniffer’s Scribbles, about watching and photographing the eclipse.  Here’s one of the pictures (click to enlarge):


Reader Sara sent me a photo of the eclipse in which the eclipse isn’t really visible, but something else of interest is:

This picture is photographically underwhelming, but I thought you might enjoy it. I went out on my balcony this morning to see if I could catch a bit of the eclipse – I live in Montreal, so the partial phase of the eclipse was to be visible from sunrise at 6:37 ET until about 7:12. Of course I couldn’t see anything of note given my tiny amateur camera, not to mention the ribbon of cloud on the horizon. But it was still a pretty sunrise.

After a while, I noticed that my neighbour’s cat was watching me from the window with great curiosity. Unless he was also hoping to see the eclipse?


9 thoughts on “Reader’s eclipse photos, one with cat

  1. I have this cunning plan to get some work in Antarctica, Australasia, or Indonesia. Then, when I’m in my retirement home at Earth-Moon Lagrange point 1, I can wave negligently out of the window at the Big Blue Marble and say “I worked there” without checking my watch first. There’s less than a quarter of the sky from which you can’t see one of my (former) workplaces. That bloody “Pacific” thing gets in the way.

    1. Of those three, I’d probably go for Enzed. Antarctica would be an amazing place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to stay very long. And same thing with Indonesia, but for the political climate, not the atmospheric one.

      But I could definitely imagine being happy spending an extended period of time amongst the Kiwis…


  2. Nicely done! I’m jealous because I want to have all the eclipses to myself like the preciousssss. 😀

  3. Sara’s neighbour’s cat is obviously thinking “After a hard morning’s eclipse watching, why hasn’t that human called my staff on the jangly-bells-talking-into-box to tell them that it’s my breakfast time? Pfffth, can’t get the staff these days.”
    Cat’s, being naturally nocturnal, are obviously astronomers. Solar astronomers.

    1. Indeed. Show me a cat who eschews a sunbeam, and I’ll show you a cat in need of veterinary attention.

      I just checked, and that’s exactly what Baihu is doing: laying, stretched out on the bed, just his face in the Sun (understandably so because it is a bit less cool today, only 80° with no clouds).


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