20 thoughts on “The Cat Won’t Get to Munch

  1. By a curious coincidence, I actually did serve up the last of Baihu’s food that I have on hand for his breakfast a little while ago. Of course, I had already planned earlier in the week that I’d do a bit of shopping today….


  2. Still have time to buy cat food tomorrow.
    BTW, anyone have suggestions for a name for a female siamese-phenotype kitten, preferably one starting with an “M”?

    1. You now have an awesome excuse to do a bit of research into religions and legends and folk tales and the like about cats. That’s how I discovered that Baihu was vacationing with me….



    2. A name should be based on some essential characteristic of the animal – or person. Though people often live up to their names (nominative determinism). That is why nicknames are so good at defining us. I have had 2 – when at school I was ‘Turgey’, short for detergent because DOMESTOS is a detergent, later at work ‘Bat’ because I was sitting in the back of a work van clinging to the side while feeling ill as I could not see out of the window, as we went up over the South Downs…

  3. This reminds me of a book I bought for my granddaughter a few years ago. It was a big picture book teaching the alphabet, about a Kitty, who had been a good kitty until they ran out of cat food. The transformation from Good Kitty to Bad Kitty lists an alphabetic account of the cats retaliatory misdemeanors. (my favor was that she ‘Loitered’) Apparently the book was a big hit because the author, Nick Bruel, followed up with “Bad Kitty’s Christmas”, another picture book and 6 what they now call ‘chapter books’ for slightly older readers, “Bad Kitty Gets a Bath”, “Bad Kitty Meets the Baby”, “Happy Birthday Bad Kitty”, “Bad Kitty School Daze”, “Bad Kitty vs Uncle Murray” and “Bad Kitty for President” (in which he explains the electoral collage such that my 7-year old granddaughter could understand it.) I have not seen you mention any children involved in your life, but you might want to invent some so you can have the excuse to buy these. Or perhaps you could just don a hat and dark glasses and sneak into a bookstore or library and read them clandestinely. I still laugh at them and I think I’ve read them more often than any of the kids.

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