Monday: Hili Dialogue

October 7, 2013 • 2:54 am

Hili, who has apparently read Jared Diamond, is always on the lookout for interesting noms:

Hili: When a third chimpanzee opens the refrigerator a cat goes to the kitchen.
A: But your three bowls are full.
Hili: But you might take out something more interesting.


In Polish:

Hili: Kiedy trzeci szympans otwiera lodówkę, kot idzie do kuchni.
JHa: Przecież masz swoje trzy pełne miseczki.
Hili: Ale może wyjmiesz coś ciekawszego.

7 thoughts on “Monday: Hili Dialogue

  1. I’ve had “The Third Chimpanzee” sitting in my waiting to be read book pile since last Christmas. Lucky Hili to have so much leisure time to read. We obviously have similar tastes in reading material. Wonder what she’s reading now…

    1. Just finished that one about a year ago–think I’ve had it since shortly after it was issued in paperback. *eyeroll*

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